Ford Racing Handling Pack

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  1. Anyone have any experience with the Ford Racing Handling Pack (M-2007-FR3V6)? I'd really like to lower my car and have heard some horror stories about the Eibach springs sagging. I've also heard good things about installing anti-roll bars, which are included in the pack. $1200 for the kit doesn't seem like too bad of a price and if it's dealer installed they actually warranty it. Any opinions?

  2. What suspension upgrades have all of you done? Any recommendations on springs?
  3. Unless things have changed FRPP springs are manufactured by Eibach.
  4. I have installed a GT take-off rear swaybar,
    Roush Racing rear spring set (w/a 3/4" drop),
    and Tokico Sports Shocks all around.

    ....... the handling is excellent!
  5. Martimus, Thanks for the info!
    Shooter, after doing a bit of surfing on multiple boards, I'm now thinking of going with the GT Takeoff as well. I'm curious if there's a reason that you didn't go with the GT Front sway bar? and only rear springs?

  6. Yeah, because I'm basically cheap .... after reading up on the front spring swap I realized that the labor involved was beyond my capacity and the charge to get it done was greater than the expected benefits - at least in my estimation,

    ... so I passed on that.

    (another issue was that I just wanted to level the car out, not drop it)

    btw, if you're getting the GT take-off rear stabilizer I have a pair of the upper mounting bolts from Ford (they made me buy 4).
  7. Makes sense, the front spring swap does seem kind of daunting. Did you run into any issues with the rear springs?
    Thanks on the bolts, I'll let you know
  8. nothing, its a slam-dunk :nice: