Ford racing supercharger

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  1. theres no split in the hose, i have an adapter there. Sounds pretty good. My exhaust is so damn loud though. I got $2100 in, fp, cai, slp, injectors, tuner, etc....made out like a bandit:rlaugh: . I love it. You can really feel the power. I plan on getting a dyno tune when my new pulley comes in. Numbers should be pretty good.
  2. Lol there's a supercharger in those pictures??

    Very cool looking.
  3. So, i guess the real challenge on 99-04 cars is fabbing the alternator bracket and modding the PS res bracket? Originally I heard that the fuel rails wouldnt work, but apparently they do.

    Can you (or have you and I missed it?) post a complete parts list? Complete with what needs to be modded or fabbed?

    I have been looking at this blower for awhile because it looks so stock :)
  4. If you were to take your fabbed plates to a machine shop and have a bunch more made, you'd have a nice little business on your hands selling install kits. Just an idea (mine should be half price of course).
  5. Really that idea about making install kits would not be a bad idea...:nice: I will have to think about that. I already started a performance business so i might have to add that to my list. Maybe i will take it apart and look things over. :D
  6. Did you really need the install kit or is it a waste? I was just going 2 buy the blower then get the others seperatly
  7. I'm in the midst of brokering a deal for one of these blowers with custom billet brackets, 12k miles on the unit, and a meth injection kit for a grand. I'll know in the next day or so if it happens. Wouldn't that be sweet? :banana:
  8. Dont know If this has been discussed before but would this SC kit work on a 96 mustang with a PI head swap? And what is the max PSI you can get out of it. I'm assuming it dosent have a intercooler correct? I'm messmerized by the stealth look of it and bang for the buck. Didnt you say you spent about 2100 for it all? Did that include everything? Was anything used?
  9. I know mine is coming with a 9 psi pulley and a stock 6 psi pulley. It is also going to have a meth injection that is already plummed in, but I don't think you can intercool this thing. I'm not sure if I can get away with 9psi on my stock motor even with the methanol, but I'm going to see what the race shop that installs it says. I just want safe power, blowing up my motor would be a total disaster. I think the install kit they sell is specifically for your application-pre 98 car with PI heads.
  10. They make a specific kit for 96-98 with PI heads.
  11. Why would you want to rig things up when the correct parts already exist for your application? I'm sure this guy would have much rather have had the option of just ordering the correct alt relocation bracket etc, plus you will need a coil pack relocation bracket also since you don't have cops.
  12. OK I think another legitimate question for us 96-98 guys. What if we have the engine with out the PI heads but do have the PI intake using the intake adapters. I would think the reason Ford recomends the 96-98 cars to have PI heads is because the runners coming from the Supercharger ( it is molded to replace the intake manifold right?) are shaped to the PI head ports I would think. So what about us guys that got the adapter plates? Yall think it would work then?
    It should in theory huh?
  13. quick question... i am kind of confused as to how this blower/kit can be aquired... didnt find it on the ford racing website or online or anything.. what car was this blower initially designed for? how much power do u think ur going to push with the 6 and 9 pound pullies?
  14. BTW guys, ive spoken to brandan over at [email protected] ( please excuse the spelling it wont lte me type it, all you see is ******) and he said that this blower is on back order and that he will call tomoz/today to find out some dates,

    will let you know when he tells me (or just look at my thread over on the MD forum)

  15. There are 2 versions of the Blower for to fit on stock heads and one to fit on PI just buy the one that you need. Since you have some adapter plates you can use either...
  16. I was on the Ford Racing Parts site the other day and it was on was released for 96-98 cars so thats what it will be under but some of these guys have made it work with 99-04...
  17. Try looking at as they were one of the cheapest i could find when i was shopping this. Also was the other.
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  19. Drop top to the rescue again cheers buddy, im looking right now