Ford racing supercharger

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  1. Anyone have a part number for one in the pic? 99-04?
  2. They don't make one for 99-04's specifically but the one for 96-98 with PI heads can be adapted to fit on 99-04s...thats kinda what this thread is about.
  3. You can have custom brackets machined. When I get my setup from the guy I just sent the money to, I'll post some pics. He worked in a machine shop and made some pretty sexy brackets. $1,000 for the blower, custom billet brackets, and a methanol injection kit. WOOOOOOT!
  4. How? I'd easily fork over $1000 for just the blower alone...
  5. A guy had it on Ebay, 12k miles on the unit, had to sell because he's got a baby on the way. I talked with him on the phone, he wanted me to come pick it up cash in hand, but I arranged for shipping and we closed the deal off of Ebay. He's never dealt on Ebay before, he was actually going to send it to me and then thought I'd pay him if I was happy. I made sure it was legit, even asked for a piece of mail with his addy on it along with that day's newspaper to be photographed with the unit, just to see that he did indeed have it in hand and was able to meet my request. When we talked on the phone, he was very knowledgeable about the blower, the custom setup because they don't make a kit for our cars (he had an 02 GT), about all the little tips to install it, etc... He was way to up to speed on it to be a fake. I guess I just got lucky :nice: .
  6. thats a DAMN good deal. i sold mine for $2300 on ebay w/ a complete install kit.

  7. I gathered that and that's why I mentioned the one in the picture. 99-04 was more or less in reference to the car in the picture.

    Anyone have a part number for the one in the picture(threadstarter)?
  8. Hey Dirty, question for ya. What pullies can we chose from for this blower? The one on there now is supposedly going to make 8psi, but it's dinged up from the shipper, so I need to replace it. Can we just shop from 03 Cobra pullies? Also, are there any nice anodized ones out there for some dress-up?
  9. I don't think the Cobra blower pulley is the same as ours.
    I got my 9 psi pulley from ASP for @ $100 shipped. Its 3.3 inch in diameter. I am gonna order a 3.0 from them next spring to run with metanol. I hope that would bump it to about 12lbs.
  10. Damn, those little buggers are expensive. Do you have a link? I'd like to run around 8psi. I'm going to run methanol, but on a stock block, so I don't want to go too nuts with the boost.
  11. 03 mach supercharger rec.

    I got an 03 mach which supercharger do you guys reccommend for my ride?

    JBA catback, JBA 2.5" midepipe with high flows, k&N FIPK, TRI-AX.

    Thanks for any feed back.
  12. Look into a kenne bell. Also, it's not cool to hijack a thread maybe make your own?
  13. wow...this thread again!
  14. ASP

    you have to call them and tell them you want the 3.3 pulley for the SVO/Ford Racing Supercharger.
  15. :Word:

    And it depends on what your goals are.
  16. So has anyone complied a complete parts list to adapt this blower onto a 99-04?
    Or has anyone developed an install kit yet?
  17. reading this whole thread has made my eyes looppy :eek:
  18. A lot of people have asked this question and after all the threads about this supercharger, you would think someone would have compiled a complete list, but I haven't found one yet.

    Can you even buy this supercharger anymore?

    Besides Kenne Bell, what other roots or twin screw superchargers can you buy for the 99-04 stang? It seems we got screwed when it comes to options.
  19. Actually, quite a few companies have roots blowers for you. Allen-superchargers:

    I'm not sure why they choose the M90 though. :stick:

    Don't Roush and saleen also make roots blower kits? That'd be 5 roots kits listed in this thread so far. (FRP, keene bell, allen, roush, saleen)
  20. I'll do what I can to document the install when it goes down. I have one in my shed right now. Sitting with it are:
    90mm lightning MAF
    75mm BBK TB
    Roush CAI (already on car, but staying for the blower)
    Custom one of a kind bracket for pulleys (the last owner made it from a block of billet aluminum)
    Methanol injection kit ( can't intercool this blower, gotta do it chemically)
    extra 9# pulley
    30# FRPP injectors
    SVT focus fuel pump
    Custom radiator hose
    Custom T-stat housing (this and the hose switch sides on the motor with the blower)
    SCT XCal II (for tuning purposes, use whatever you're into)

    About all I need now are spark plugs, a boost gauge, and a few other odds and ends to get it done. I looks like more or less a replacement intake job, just with the bracket out front so I can add and idler pulley which will draw the belt across the blower pulley.