Ford Racing's 2013 Mustang Build

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    Apparently Ford Racing got the “Gotta Have It Green” fever. Since the 2013 Mustang shares the same basic engine/drivetrain as a 2011-2012 Mustang, Ford Racing had a good pool of parts to throw at its new 2013 Mustang Project Car. The main power boost for the 2013 Mustang was the 2.3 Whipple supercharger kit featured in the 2011-2012 Ford Racing Mustang GT Supercharger Kit. Below, you will find a list of more of the FRPP parts that went into their build.

    I really like this build, although I would choose another color. If I were to buy a 2013 Mustang it would be a daily driver; I wouldn’t be looking for an over the top, slammed to the ground, deafening loud, 1,000hp Mustang. It’s amazing to me what a couple of Ford Racing products can do to the newer Mustangs while retaining the factory warranty. Let me know what you think about the build and don’t be scared to admit you might have the Gotta Have It Green fever.

    Notable Ford Racing Products Used in Build:

    Boss 302 Coil Pack Covers M-6P067-M50B

    Ford Racing Mustang Side Exhaust System M-5220-MB

    Ford Racing Sports Axle-Back M-5230-MGTLA

    Ford Racing 8.8 Differential Cover M-4033-G2

    Ford Racing GT500 Brembo Brake Kit M-2300-S

    Ford Racing Laguna Seca Brake Duct Kit M-2004-MB

    Ford Racing Tubular Lower Control Arms M-5649-S

    Ford Racing Relocation Lower Control Arm Brackets M-5650-A

    Ford Racing Black Track Pack Wheels M-1007-DC199B

    Ford Racing Laguna Seca Adjustable Front Splitter M-16601-MBA

    2013 Ford Racing Whipple Supercharger Kit (Requires Custom Tune.)

    Ford Racing’s 2013 Mustang Build
  2. Looks like all the aftermarket exhaust from the 11-12 fit on the 2013??
  3. As far as i know yes.