Ford says 200mph was the 2013 Shelby GT500 goal

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  1. I think IRS is overrated. If the new Boss was fitted with an IRS it would be 200lbs heavier and slower and cost 2000 dollars more. As it is now the solid axle pulls over a 1G cornering and can beat an IRS equipped M3 BMW.

    Im hoping in the future Ford offers IRS as an option not as standard equipment. That way the drag guys would be happy and the IRS people would be happy.
  2. Talking weight the ZP1 is coming in at 4120 and the GT500 is 3850.

    So power to weight is

    ZL1 = 7.1 lbs for every 1 HP
    GT500= 5.9 lbs for every 1 HP
  3. Holy crap Muscle cars are getting heavy again. I can't understand why they wouldn't make them a bit smaller and lighter.
  4. They are heavy because people want a plush ride A/C huge audio and video systems, IRS, large rims, leather....

    I wish you could buy a striped muscle car.
  5. I bet it won't. The Camaro ZL-1 beat the cream of the crop Boss Laguna Seca arond the track by almost 2-full seconds. The Boss's so-so brakes and lower horsepower numbers are what cost it that one...even with it's lighter weight. With 650hp on tap (a full 206hp more than the Boss and 70hp more than the Camaro), you can bet the GT500 is going to have one hell of an exiting speed coming out of those corners....even if it's not dominating them on the way in.
  6. Top Gear America (i know dont flame me) tested both a Stage 3 Roush and Boss on their track with the "stig". The Boss beat the Roush by a few tenths of a second even though it had 100 HP less.

    So now you are comparing a mustang with 200 more HP than the Boss, bigger brakes, completely regeared transmission, and magnetic suspension and you think the Boss could take the new Gt500? Id take that bet.
  7. Unless the new GT500 is a huge improvement over the older ones it will still be slow around the track.
  8. This is a good video about Shelby handling vs a Roush. Granted both cars are better today but even with the huge HP difference the Roush is faster around a track.

  9. Well if everything coming out of Ford about the car is accurate it is a huge improvement over the 2012 and down GT500. From what Ford say is saying it is almost a completely new car. Plus, although we all know that Ford built it as a big F U to the ZL1, Ford claims their actual intention was to open a performance gap between the GT500 and the Boss.
    Guess we will find out soon enough.
  10. I hear what you're saying....but to be fair, the compared a convertible against a hard top in that video. Ford has also lowered the overall weight....especially the front end weight considerably (went from and iron, to an aluminum block for starters) since that video. Lets also keep in mind that the old Shelby had that roush by about 70hp, which when you're comparing cars of this caliber really isn't a huge difference. The new one on the other hand, has it by about 220hp. Big.....big difference!
  11. Don't get too excited. You know the deaer is gonna mark that up at least $15-$20K
  12. There will be 2 types if ford dealers that sell this car

    1. Only are allotted a few and want to hold on to them longer to stir interest in their other mustangs. These dealers won't come off the mark up

    2. The dealers that sell large volumes of mustangs and get a lot of allotments of GT500s. They will not mind turning them over and selling them in between invoice and MSRP.

    BL: this year ford will be building the GT500 on the same line as the GT meaning Ford can build as many as needed.
  13. Any questions

  14. I checked out the American Ford website because the Canadian site still only has the 2012 models to configure. I'm not a fan of Deep Impact Blue when compared to Koni Blue which doesn't appear to be available this year. I also wonder if any of the Nav stuff will work in Canada for an American car, considering how the Canadian MSRP of the 2012 model was $10,000 more than the American model (keep in mind the American and Canadian dollars are essentially the same value now), I know many people who would rather go south of the border and bring back a USDM car.

    As for the GT500 vs. ZL1 debate, I think it is very likely the GT500 will edge the ZL1 in straight line performance (acceleration and top speed), but I think handling is still up in the air where for many people this will be a deal breaker (As in head to head on a road course).