Ford T-lok and 4.10 gears

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by brodude2002, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. im just wondering if i get a ford T-lok differential and new gears, do i just have to swap them out with the stock components, or is there other work that needs to be done when installing these things:

    the t-lok and the gears are the bottom 2. thanx
  2. Not so much "swapping" because its not direct replacement, but its pretty close.

    You would notice a dramatic increase in 0-60 times, especially if you had better tires.
  3. what else besides "swapping" would i have to do to install it?
  4. You'd need to get someone who knew what they are doing to do the swap. If you buy the gears and T-Lok you'll have all of the parts needed. You are also going to need a tuner to calibrate your speedo after the swap.
  5. ok, i have a shop that will install it for me, i just wanted to make sure that i had all the parts neccessary. what will i have to do with the tuner, just put in that i have 4.10 gears?
  6. yes, it might say 4.11 gears on the tuner, but thats close enough.

    If you were to do it yourself, you might need a special too to set the pinion depth, not sure.
  7. another queston about the t-lok, i see it says for 7.5in rear ends, but will i still be able to put wider wheels on my car?
  8. Brodude2002, adding tlok will have no effect on what size wheels/tires you can run.
  9. Im really starting to wonder about the idea of putting in a T-Lok and gears. Most estimates dont give our rear end taking much more than 300 lbs of torque before twisting.. and I dont like that. Im starting to think it may be better to hold off and find an 8.8" with T-lok standard. I guess well see though.. patience, patience, patience.
  10. 300 lbs of torque is quite a large number, thats about 100 more than stock (rear wheel torque).
  11. wut if change out the entire rear axle with a 4.6 or 5.0 that already has a posi? that would solve all the problems right?
  12. as long as it was an 8.8, some old 5.0s (like my 83) came with a 7.5 posi.