ford to fix engine tick...

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Slow_Rider, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. My car does the exact same thing as described. But mine was not produced in the time frame mentioned :shrug:
  2. Same here......and they WON'T fix it!!

    :damnit: DAMN THEM!!!!
  3. mine doesnt, good thing i got 2000 pi heads
  4. I just made an appointment with Ford for tommorrow. The guy is already telling me they havent ever had any ticking problems on mustangs. Lets see what kind of b.s. excuse they give me to try and get out of it. :nonono:
  5. ****. my bimmer did that. drove me up the ****in wall :nonono:

    i hope my car never does that.
  6. my car only ticks when the A/C is turned on...and even then its only sometimes..when i say tick i mean more like a water drop hitting a hot hot surface and making that hissing noise..but really loud... anyone know what that could be? is that normal? ...and also.. since i dont hear any ticking coming from my yall think my car is fine? or should i take it in and tell them to fix it...? then again..theres nothing to fix unless its a really silent tick..?

  7. na man dont stress over it unless you start to hear like a real tick. im talkin when youre standing 10 ft away and its goin loud

    i used to drive the bimmer and it would (no joke) echo off of houses. it was bad.

    i havent heard anything yet with this car and i hope i never will :nonono:
  8. Ac Condenser? Its normal :shrug:
  9. Yeah me too. Im already having some problems with my car. First car new Ive ever had and its the only one that ever had to go back for service... and that was with 2400 on the clock :nonono:
  10. Well... what if my car starts ticking after my warranty is up?!..36,000 miles .. if it hasnt gone bad by then do yall think it will hold up?
  11. the bmw started at 30 k, 1k before the warrantee expired. but they blamed it on an overrev and redflagged the vin anyway.

    how many miles do you have on your car now
  12. Tick, Tick, Boom?

    Yes, I have the infamous ticking as well... sitting in the driveway, and even waiting at a red light... out of no where the damn thing will tick, tick, tick... sooo annoying! Anyhow, I am going to the dealer tonight after work, and I will def. bring this up as well as my baby chokes when I try to start her after a "short" drive... anyone else experience this?
    I never thought anything of the ticking noise, although I do here it more often when I have the AC on... she also loses some power when I have the pedal down and she ticks... I can feel the hesitation....
  13. Yep, i def. have this problem with my 03 GT. :nonono:

    Only 1800 miles on the odometer. :notnice:
  14. subscribing
  15. a 98 v6 mustang I had did that. this one has been good to me so far (knocks on wood)
  16. What I want to know is whether this is an annoyance or if it affects performance or reliability. If it's an annoyance then I can live with it.

  17. I have the same thing. I was trying to come up with a good way to describe the sound, but I think your description is very accurate. I hope its just the AC condenser.
  18. I'm right in the middle of the problem period, but have never heard this sound (knock on wood!)
  19. is this a loud tick? I mean there are lots of ticks from the engine. The injectors tick.