ford to fix engine tick...

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Slow_Rider, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. i got mine fixed and its a lot smoother car

  2. What were your symptoms?
  3. the easiest way you can detect the tick sound is go by wall or something with your car and listen to the tick, sometimes it sounds like a diesel but not as loud. Sometimes the car didnt pull hard on upper rpm's now its smooth. Rought idle, smooth now. I also got a really cool dealer so they let me mod the thing. I asked them yesterday i might need a better clutch, and the supervisor was like you got warranty dont ya...i was like yeah...he was like well then you dont need on yet.
    I guess im lucky cause my dealer doesnt b/s me around
  4. Very interesting. I had a new 01 GT and Ford bought it back. I had the same problem. I would drive slowly by a wall and you could hear the tick. They never could figure it out. Ended up replacing the engine. I bet it was the same problem but they just didnt know about this at the time. Doenst matter because that car was a lemon. My 03 doesnt have that problem yet. (knock on wood)
  5. I only get it at WOT w/ 87 octane gas :)

  6. i have that 2 first i thought it was detonation i tried all octanes but it still did it..... so i am thinking it might be this i can hear it alittle just driving normally and like you said go by walls is the best place. I annoying the s h i t out of me. I'm affraid i'll bring it to the dealer they will take it for a test drive and won't hear it cause my exhaust and says it dine and just run the codes see what's wrong.
  7. Will they fix this problem outside of the warranty peroid?
  8. i have it on my 2001 GT.Except my car is in michigan at my cottage where i store it for the winter so i hope they dont give me bs when i bring it in the spring. :mad:
  9. could be detonation that your hearing...............
  10. :stupid: But something tells me the 87 octane guy was joking anyway...