Ford/Toyota merger?

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  1. Anyone heard anything? There are some rumors going around...
  2. Please post a link to the forum or news articles that these rumor come from.
    Otherwise I will have to call :bs: .
  3. It's come up on BON and a few other places. Like I said, rumor. Wanted to see if anyone else had info.
  4. All that is good in the world will be lost if ford and toyota merge.
  5. unless ford bought toyota and then blew everything up toyota. :p
  6. Toyota does have some of the most insane R&D in the industry, it's not like a merger would be a bad thing.
  7. Sure...and here's your new Mustang...



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  8. very funny


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  9. I hope so...

    If they merge, Ford might finally pick up on how to make cars with GOOD QUALITY!! (I was a Ford salesman, so I know how ****y the Ford "Quality" is)
  10. If Ford merges with Toyota I'll have to start driving Chevys.
  11. When I think Toyota, I like to be reminded of this:

  12. I don't think it would be a bad thing. Ford merged with Mazda and Volvo and the world didn't end. If Toyota took over Ford that might be a problem. I'd want to see some cold hard facts on this before I start getting worried though.
  13. ya ... anyone find any news articles about this yet?

  14. Yes salesmen are always so knowledgable. :rlaugh:
  15. Is anyone forgetting that GM owns part of Toyota?
  16. According to reports Ford quality is just as good as Toyota..Are you sure you werent confused with GM?

    A salesman is a salesman! And a piece of crap that someone called "gold" is still a piece of crap!

    I doubt a Ford/Toyota merger will ever happen. Ford's making a lot of money these days but not near that of Toyota!
  17. Japanese companies can not be owned by foreign companies. They could partner up, but as someone said, they are already partnered up with GM. So no merger with Ford. Ford is not in a position to take over anyone right now. They are not in the best financial shape right now. Ain't happenin'.
  18. Just for clarification:

    Ford did not merge with either Mazda or Volvo. Ford acquired Volvo's automotive division and Ford owns 33% of Mazda. A merger is a very different animal.

    Also, GM does not own any part of Toyota. The two companies co-own a joint venture called NUMMI in California. Its an assembly plant.
  19. My understanding is that Ford owns a significant amount of Toyota stock (is that true?) and that the rumor is that Toyota may be buying or has already bought a significant amount of Ford stock.
  20. :nice:

    in a short and simple opinion: ford & toyota merging? DOUBTFUL!