Ford/Toyota merger?

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  1. If Toyota were to own 5% or more of Ford stock they would have to publically disclose the amount of their interest and also declare their intentions (investment, acquisition, etc.) per SEC regulations. I don't know if Japan would have similar regulations should Ford be purchasing Toyota stock. However, it would seem unlikely that Ford would be using needed capital to purchase Toyota stock. There is no way Ford could acquire Toyota nor is Toyota large enough to purchase Ford. A merger? It would seem unlikely that the Ford family would give up their company and although Ford is a publically traded company the Ford family retains controlling interest. Toyota is doing fine on their own and would have no reason to seek a merger. The only way Ford would seek a merger is if they were convinced that they could no longer survive on their own (the way Chrysler sought out 'Benz).

    Politically it would be a bombshell to say the least.
  2. I Googled, Yahoo-ed, searched the Detroit News, CNN, Foxnews, etc and couldn't find anything about a Ford/Toyota merger. The closest thing I could find was a BBC article from around 2000 where Ford was in talks with Toyota on a joint-venture (the article had bit where Jac Nasser downplayed rumors of a merger). I say :bs:
  3. Wrong, DC just turned down the option to buy controlling intrest in Mitsu. If Japanese company's could not be owned by foriegn companies, how could they do that? I can give you a number of examples where us companys were in talks to take over Japanese. Sega being the most recent one that was being shopped around.
  4. Doesnt ford own 100% of Mazda?
  5. 33% the majority share
  6. ford supra? toyota focus?
  7. I think that Renault own's a part of Nissan don't they?
  8. 44%
  9. Ad: The all-new 2010 Toyota Mustang! Now with a 1.6L Supercharged Engine! .......... :bs:
  10. Front wheel drive too!
  11. This would give the term rice a whole new meaning.

    Chevy guys could call Stang owners ricers.

    There would be a lot of model overlap though.
    SVT-Type R
    :rlaugh: :lol:
  12. Ah yes, it's not a true Mustang unless it's front wheel drive. :D

    I just have my fingers crossed for a coat rack and grocery net.

    You forgot to paint Scion into the picture.
  13. Gives me flashbacks of the ford probe.

    Remember that was supposed to be the mustang but so many people wrote ford they made the probe a seperate model.
  14. if they did merge they'd easily be the most powerful auto company on the planet, only problem is I don't think either has the money to pursue that with the other. And honestly... Toyota makes a ton of money.. in 15 years I'm almost positive they'll be bigger than Ford or GM if they keep up what they've been doing and neither of those two turn it around.
  15. Ford bought a hybrid design from Toyota for the upcoming Escape hybrid... Maybe there more to this.. dunno!!
  16. Don't understand why some of you thing it would be such a horrible thing. I'm sure Ford's line would remain the same except for the build quality... Toyota's quality is insane. I wouldn't mind having a mustang with the build quality of a tacoma or corolla... if anyone would... I'm sorry, but you're an idiot. :nice:
  17. exactly my thoughts toyota pays tons of attention to their quality and also dump tons of money into racing and development a ford toyota merger would only be great
  18. toyota has had many problems, even with those vehicles.
    do you know how many head gasket failures there were for the toyota 3.4l??

    GUYS COME-ON they are all merging together with mix/match parts..
    nissan has pretty much taken their 3.3L and stuffed it into
    almost every mercury villager?? or is it a nissan villager.
    it would not suprise me in the least if ford/yota cobbled something up together. but it wouldnt be a buy out of manufacturers.
    it may end up in a foreign country, wihich you would never see..
  19. Ford doesn't have vehicles ugly and slow enough to have overlap with the Scion brand! :lol: :rlaugh: