Ford/Toyota merger?

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  1. Yeah, I always thought it was weird that Toyota keeps trying to flod the market with bland vehicals like the Scions. I would like to note that I am offended by thought that Those Ugly scions and that Hoda Insight are marketed towards my demographics. Why the hell would I want neon lighted foot wells as an option? I think Toyota is goin to take some huge hits in the next 5 years as opposed to many of you who still think it's 1985 and the Japanese companies are goin to rule the world or something. These Automotive companies are just like anyother company, they have ups and downs. How many of you would have thought Ford would have had any trouble at the beguining of this decade if you were sitting back in 1997 and watching Ford gaining strongly on GM and making money hand over fist?
  2. geez with that much dough you think they could have come up with a better ad campaign that that ridiculously annoying "ask me about my toyota"
  3. I just wanna say one thing to the couple guys that keep posting" I work/worked at a Ford dealership and i am sick of the crapy quality" Think before you speak please. If you worked at lets say, Hrmm, A Porsche dealer what kind of cars are you going to see comming in for repaires all the time? And if you work at a non dealers repair shop you still wouldn't see many hondas and Toyotas because not many placed do work for those. Most people I know that own hondas and Toyotas have to go to the dealer for simple service and GET TOTALY BENT OVER for simple repairs. Take an example one friend of ours had to have radiator hoses replaced on her civic and was charged almost 400$. My other buddy has a 98 civic that has such crappy quality it's muffler&Cat is falling off for the 4th time! And have you ever been in a 3 year old pontiac or Chevy or and 2 year old korean car, buttons are falling off vynil peeling back that fabric on the roof falling down. all things I never see in 2-5 year old Fords. Every car has problems! you just arn't going to see the crappy parts on the Corolla when you work at a freeking Ford dealership. Sheesh :mad:
  4. I worked on a 3 year old hyundai one time replacing the rear wiper motor and I couldn't believe how rusted it was in there already...
  5. Correction Ford bought Mazda along with Volvo and Aston Martin..... Ford is so large that they bought Jaguar as well.............. Ford if anything would BUY Toyota and become the biggest auto company since the biggest are GM Ford, Damlier chyster.
  6. you're an idiot!!

    i've had hondas/acura/fords and i must admit honda/acura build a far superior car quality wise, Hence them lasting 400-500,000 kilometers, resale being better and less warranty/recalls. I love the mustang but i'd never buy a ford other than a mustang/truck, I think people who buy a focus/contour are nuts for paying money for a car with so many problems (hell I had my old 99 cougar in for reparirs more then it was on the road)

  7. :stupid:
  8. canucks dont count
  9. Theres no need for name calling.. I hope you know an Acura is a Honda, and I know a few fords off the top of my head that are at 500,000 KM without a problem, some even pushing 650,000KM with minor issues. Within the last decade they increased quality, and hopefully Ford will now too, but overall, they have not had better quality. Toyota surpasses Honda by far.
  10. Actually the ford focus was rated by multiple sources the most reliable compact car on the market in the world as of this year. Might want to check out the facts before you post anything.

  11. A friend bought a Focus right after they first came out. He's got over 100K on it now and has not had any reliability problems. Yea he had to bring it back for several recalls, which can be a PIA, but his Focus has NEVER failed him.

    I bought my wife a 2002 Cougar. That car is the most perfectly assembled car that I have ever seen and that includes any Japanese or European car. I know it's not a fluke because I have a relative that also bought a 2002 Cougar and that car is built great too. I am really excited that the 2005 Mustang is built at AAI, the same plant that built those Cougars.
  12. Yep and that model is one of the older ones that had all the problems...imagine that with no recalls. Basically a perfectly reliable car.