Ford's 400HP 5.0 (Coyote) V8 spied !

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  1. Although Ford has not officially confirmed this yet. Thanks to spy photo's from Left Lane News, we now have definitive proof that Ford's 5.0 400HP (Coyote) V8, does indeed exist. In addition, Left Lane News also confirms the 5.0 will indeed arrive in both the 2011 Ford F-150, and 2011 Mustang GT.

    At any rate, just thought I'd share this great news with everybody. In the meantime, I've posted the article link below for everyone to check out. :D

    Enjoy !

    Ford’s 5.0L coyote V8 spied!
  2. is there ANY possibility that this thing will make it to the 2010 showroom floor?

    that sure would be nice.
  3. I'm ready for the engine to be in the mustang to bring it up to current competition levels. Don't get me wrong i love the 4.6liter 3v's but if i hear another
    LSX fan crowing about N/A power i'm going too scream.
  4. I'm excited about the direction Ford is moving in lately. Mustangs are coming out with more and more options and the new engines will option will be great. Gone are the days of cookie cutter GT's.

    Anyone heard anything about the twin turbo V6? I think that will be an interesting combo too. The engine would already be built for boost so you would think it would be easy to add more HP to it. Just a thought.
  5. I tohguht it was a blown six, but yeah I saw one tested on garage 419, dude loved it
  6. Blown 6 you speak of is the ecoboost 300hp twin turbo v6... Yes thats rumored to also be in a stang in the 2011 range. Lincoln MKZ is the first model i think thats supposed to come with that engine.

  7. thats sweet stuff.. Ford is doing good things lately IMO. from interior upgrades, sweet front on new cobra, to really being very competitive in every aspect. WOOT! good times coming, lol
  8. No, it will not be ready for prime time until the 2011 model year.

  9. Yes, the Ecoboost twin turbo 3.5 V6 will also be included for the 2011 model year as well.
  10. has ford mentioned a limited slip diff or track pack package with the ecoboost v6?
  11. There has been no official word from Ford, as of yet.
  12. well the ecoboost 3.5 has 350hp ford is prob going to detune the engine to 300hp the ecoboost will be faster than the gt's 4.6 if left at 350hp you have less weight not that nose heavy 50/50 i think it should be 3.5 v6 ecoboost 300hp GT 5.0 v8 400hp shelby GT500 5.4 v8 540hp im also geting tired of the dam gm boys making fun of the 4.6 and now with the v6 is this 5.0 cast iron or aluminium? now that is the question?
  13. what doesnt seem to fit is the article says fuel economy is similar rating to the 5.4. WTF does that mean they went down or is it typo.
  14. It's gotta be a typo for the 4.6, otherwise that's just poor.
  15. i hope the 5.0 is aluminum. if the base GT weighs 3900lbs (or close to it) like the other ones there's no way i'll buy it.

    if the ecoboost weighs roughly the same as the current V6... that would rock. turbo cars are SO easy to mod its insane.
  16. :D
    no the base gt weights like 3500lbs the GT500 weights 3900lbs i think that you also have to take the weight into consideration in the mustang unlike the camaro and challenger to move all that mass the mustang doesnt need that big of an engine if they get the weight in or under 3500lbs on this mustang it is going to outperform the base camaro ss and the srt8 and be even on the 422hp camaro ss. the bullit out performs the challenger r/t and it is close to the srt8 i think this 5.0 is cast iron and weight about the same as the 4.6
  17. nobody knows how much the 5.0 GT will weigh yet.
  18. The 5.0L (Coyote) is an all aluminum motor, including block. :nice: