Ford's 400HP 5.0 (Coyote) V8 spied !

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  1. Being as the 5.0 is still in the testing and development stages. It's still too early at this point. Also bear in mind, that Ford will not officially confirm any info, until after the 2010 Mustang has gone into production, this upcoming spring.
  2. IMHO, that has to be a typo. For it wouldn't make much sense for a lighter and smaller displacement motor, to get less or the same mileage as a larger displacement motor, that also weighs significantly more. :nice:
  3. It would be nice if they could get the weight down to around 3,400 or less.
  4. The new 5.0

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  5. :shrug: Looking at the current weight of the Z06/ ZR1/ and standard corvette i don't know if this is possible .
  6. I just hope they design a nice new 5.0 emblem so i can put it on my Fox. Ford needs to exploit the 5.0's reputation just like chrysler exploits their Hemi. Hell, the new Hemi shares no common parts with the old hemi' the fact that the new 5.0 is mod-based shouldn't stop Ford
  7. Well when Ford used the "The BOSS is back" slogan for the new 5.0 back in '82, it didn't have a damned thing in common with the BOSS 302 except for cubic displacement. I personally don't really care if it's still 4.6 liters or 6.0 liters, i just want the damn thing to compete and have decent MPG and not cost a fortune.

    But, if this doesn't nail down the possibility for a new BOSS Mustang then i don't know what will. It's just like back in the late 60s when Shelby was making awesome cars, Ford had to come out with their own to compete....then the BOSS showed up. It's happening all over again. The new body style plus a new 400/400 5.0...that's got limited production car written all over it...just slap an Eaton on top of it :nice:
  8. I know that the 5.0 mod motor rumor has been around for awhile, but nothing about those pictures says anything to me that its a development engine. Bland cast aluminum intake, dirty engine bay, and already corroded cast aluminum valve covers? Is it just an old 4.6 with a bigger crank and cobra heads? On top of that, 4 valves per cylinder is great, but how are they planning 400/400 from 300ish cubic inches?

    I'm not trying to be a pessimist, but this mystery motor is sounding like its got some secret black magic going on.
  9. Looks intimidating. Let’s just hope it’s not a 600lb+ boat anchor like the other 4V engines. That's my biggest complaint about them. Even when made entirely of aluminum, then still weight a ton. Adding a bunch of power is fine with me, but not if it’s at the expense of competitive handling.

  10. Well what sense would it make to put polished valve covers and intakes on a development engine? If it's really something NEW, then the intake and valve covers may be one-off pieces...which would explain the dirty appearance. The fact that it doesn't look show room fresh is what leads me to believe it may be for real, because they've been driving it and testing it.
  11. hopefully it'll be able to compete with the new gm and mopar cars.

    that intake almost looks like an LS1 intake...


  12. Actually that intake looks like most of the N/A Modular 4v intakes with a different TB location. Go look at the old Mark VIII intake and just change the TB location and you almost have it. I just think since the intake is on the driver side of the S197 now they can move the TB up there like it should be.
  13. The intake is up front on the curretn 4.6L 3V engine as well.
  14. There may very well be some old Lincoln parts on know Ford is all about the parts bin.
  15. Mark 8 intake had the TB mounted at the rear and the runners are more tubular and separate.
  16. should be cool, hopefully they'll offer a lighter car for it to go in too as an option. an s197 on a diet or something. idk.
  17. Yea, I agree with all you're saying, I just feel like the general public has been teased with too many different "announcements" of new V8s for the Mustang. I'll believe it when I see it, but that's not to say I'm not excited to see it happen. Also, 85 more horsepower from only a handful more CI sounds almost too good to be true, but I'd love to see it happen. Sounds like the workings of a LSx killer...

    That attitude... That avatar... So familiar... :nice:
  18. well i dont think ford is going to let the basic gt weight like 3800lbs and we dont know if it is aluminium mabe it is a whole new engine than the 5.0 but finaly we can get a new 5.0
  19. Snakekiller...Yes, we do know the new 5.0L (Coyote) is indeed an all aluminum motor. In fact, I've know about it for well over a year. Thanks to Ford insiders, such as FourCam330 over on, in which his info has always been both accurate and reliable. In addition, the spy photo thread that I recently submitted. Also confirms the new (Coyote) 5.0L, is an all aluminum motor as well. :nice:
  20. o i just read the article yeah it aluminum very nice but is it a modular engine or a push rod? aren't modular engine heavier i am new to modular engines on a mustang i always liked the older engines