Ford's 400HP 5.0 (Coyote) V8 spied !

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  1. It's a modular engine, and being that it's also an aluminum engine. It should definitely be much lighter than a larger displacement push rod. :nice:
  2. From what I can see of the heads, they look like a copy of the ones on 3.5 Duratec V6 like in my Edge.

    Also notice how low the Coyote sits in the engine bay. Built to be COMPACT. I swear Ford added two cylinders to a Duratec 35 and spread it from 60 to 90 degrees!


    The Duratec 35:


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  3. Ford Racing already have the 5.0L Cammer crate engine that's based on a 4.6 Cobra DOHC 4-valve. It produces 420hp @ 6700rpm and 370lbft @ 5000rpm in EFI form so they could use it in the 2011 Mustang. It would have the HP required to be competitive with the 425hp 6.1L Hemi in the Dodge Challenger SRT-8 and the 430hp 6.2L LS3 in the 2009 Camaro SS.
  4. What I'm worried about is the updated "cost" we're all going to see with the updated engine. The FRPP 5.0L "Cammer" starts at $14,000. You don't think they're going to put their premium Modular Aftermarket engine (or a similar version of) and allow us the luxury of the same sticker price we've seen as of late, do you?

    There's a reason the Mustang is so much less expensive than both the Dodge and the Chevy. As underpowered as it may be by comparison, one thing that the 4.6L 3V did do for the Mustang was keep the over all cost down. :nice:
  5. The bucket tappet arrangement used on the Duratec heads make it have much shorter cam covers. Much more efficient and cost effective valvetrain. Very simple and the materials make it so you do not have to check clearance until about 150k miles. Big step up from the old SHO V6 (which had a similar arrangement)!
  6. my only gripe is that it's not a pushrod motor.
  7. What difference would having pushrods make? Even if they were to bring back the pushrod engine, it won't be the famed 302/351W we all knew and loved. It'll be of a new design and therefore still every bit the new sheet of paperm thats as green and costly for aftermarket parts as a new OHC would be. Its already been proven that the OHC design is the superior of the two, so why take a step back in technoligy when the only advantage the previous OHV design had over the OHC....which was lower cost and a plethora of aftermarket following, is now a non issue? :shrug:

    The only real downfall of the previous OHC engines was their lack of displacement. Once that's addressed with the new line up, there's no stopping them. :nice:
  8. If they just took a Duratec 37 and added 2 more cylinders you would get 4.93 liters. Hummm... Of course the Duratec 35/37 is a 60 degree engine, and the one in the pic is obviously 90 degrees, but you get the idea I hope. Remember, the old 302 (our beloved 5.0) is really not a 5.0 but a 4.9 that Ford chose to round up (from 4.95Liters) because 5.0 sounds and looks better.
  9. the duratec engines are awesome. that was the only thing i liked about my cougar in 2001. they have great top end, are very reliable, and sound GREAT.
  10. Its a shame that the cars themselves (Contours, Mystics, '99-up Cougars) were such a nightmare to work on. :(
  11. How about setting the motor further back and lower to help weight bias? In addition to all aluminum of course. Oh and a multi-link IRS and updated unequal length control arm front suspension?

    One can dream....
  12. Your dreams are expensive. :D
  13. FYI, the new 400HP 5.0, is not based off the Ford Racing 5.0 Cammer, which is a bored out version of the 4.6 Cobra DOHC 4 value.

    This new 5.0, is going to be a mass produced, and completely new designed DOHC 4 valve, that will also be more fuel efficient thanks to a new engine management control system, and will include a bucket tappet arrangement for the valvetrain which is also more efficient, uses less parts, and takes less space !
  14. This new DOHC 4 valve 5.0, is to be a mass produced engine, and is not related to the FRPP 5.0 Cammer whatsoever. It's a completely newly designed engine that will also be more fuel efficient over the current 4.6 3- valve, thanks to new engine management control technology.
  15. Alright, that's fine and all, but you don't think Ford is going to just throw in a 400hp base V8 into the mix for nothing do you? We're going to end up paying for it on the big end...mass produced or not. Anytime there's a major advancement in the cars design or power train, we pay for it in the sticker.

    The price went up from the '93-'94 year with the release of the SN95 chassis, then again from '95 to '96 with the release of the modular engine, again from '98-'99 with the new edge body work and again from '04-'05 with the release of the S197 chassis.....its gone up once again for the reskin of the 2010 model and you can be damn sure its going up again when the new Coyote finds its way between the strut towers. Especially considering that even if they jump the MSRP another $3,000-$4,000, the Mustang will still be several thousand dollars cheaper than either the Dodge, or GM offerings.....still making it the better bargain!
  16. yeah, when I first saw the pictures of the supposed coyote it made me think SHO. It does slightly resemble it and the SHO motor was a 24V DOHC (the original v6 anyway). Adding two more cylinders would make it a 32V DOHC motor.

    Ford also has another engine thats also made by Yamaha that they currently use in some of the Volvo products. The engine is a 4.4 L all aluminum DOHC V8 which produces 311 hp and 325 ft·lbf. It probably would not be hard to punch that out to 5.0 liters and possibly get close to 400 horses. This pic of the motor has a lot of covers on it and is kind of hard to get a good look at it but has the same basic shape. 800px-2006_Volvo_XC90_V8_engine.jpg

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  17. Will there be a price increase ? Of course there will, however just as you stated. By the time it's all said and done. Mustang will still be several thousand dollars cheaper over the competition...Thus still making it the better bargain :nice:

  18. Very nice find, indeed :nice:

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  19. I heard the new Coyote V8 will be made in the Romeo engine plant, where the modular V8s are currently assembled (Windsor is slowing down its production based on what I heard). The modular name comes from the way the plants were designed (to be modular), easily retooled to produce a number of different engines. Since the Coyote is an all-new engine (I heard it is Modular Generation 2), I bet they just swapped out the tooling and used the same production line so there will be minimal cost associated with the new motor. I'm not sure Ford will just make it standard on all GTs from the get-go, it might be only for a special edition car or something. I heard they were making the EcoBoost V6 for a number of cars, perhaps the Mustang GT will get that first?
  20. Modular also refers to being able to use a wide variety of in stock parts on a block ;)