Ford's 400HP 5.0 (Coyote) V8 spied !

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  1. Yes it does in the general sense and coincidentally many of the modular engines have "modular" components, but Modular officially refers to how the plant tooling can be easily changed. :D

    Ford Modular engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Ford Modular V-8 Engine - Mustang & Fords Magazine

    And another source for this info comes straight from Ford powertrain engineers.
  2. That's why I didn't say "actually" and said "also" ;) But thanks for the links
  3. Very sweet!~ I hadn't seen this before.
  4. I've read several times that this engine was designed with direct injection in mind to come out at a later date, anyone with verification on this??
  5. Unfortunately the bean counters consider a Direct Injection V8, to be too costly..At any rate, I wouldn't expect to see a DI V8 until at least by 2012-13.

    In the meantime, sorry that I couldn't be more helpful..:shrug:
  6. May be better served as the cost/gain of DI may not be worth it as it seems it has a greater advantage with FI engines than NA engines
  7. That's pretty much the opinion over on The Mustang Source as well. :nice:
  8. The reason why Ford makes a lot of dumb a$$ decisions is because the bean counters (Accounting and Finance majors) literally run the show. They don't understand value, performance, engineering, quality, or the customer. They look at the bottom line and cost cutting. Look at how far this has gotten them!
  9. I have a question. Is the 'new' 5.0L engine the same one that Saleen used in the P. Jones
    edition Mustang in 2007? If it is, the we should know how much the Mustang will weigh with this engine.
  10. No, this Coyote is a different engine family altogether (4V, DOHC, Modular Gen 2). The 5.0 used in the PJ Saleen was based on the current Modular 4.6L 3V V8.
  11. Well damn... I was all happy because I got the last year of the 5.0... I guess I better enjoy it while it lasts.
  12. Funny you mention this, I'm currently going to school to become a mechanical engineer and my best friend and girl friend are both going to school for accounting, i'm sure we'll strike up some interesting conversation in two years or so when we hit the job market, that is if there are any jobs left to be found.
  13. From what I've been able to find out , the new 5.0 DOHC V8 is not a MOD based engine. Most importantly, the bore spacing has been increased. It was the MOD's bore spacing that kept its cubes (and therefore N/A HP) somewhat limited in spite of its physical size and weight. The 5.0 "CAMMER" is an expensive race piece and is not related to the new 5.0 Mustang V8. Having watched the development of the MOD engine way back when, it was called a "modular" engine in that it could be made in various configurations/displacements by simply adding extra cylinders. Initially, it was to have 6, 8, and 10 cylinder versions; but the V6 was never developed. Interestingly, Ford has their hands in several new V8 projects: The Ford 500 NHRA funny car engine, the new FR9 NASCAR race engine, the new 5.0 DOHC V8, and the new 6.2 SOHC V8 going into the Raptor truck. IMO, all of these engine projects are filling a long awaited "wish list" for Ford fans.
  14. So if the new 5.0 DOHC V8, is not a MOD based engine, then exactly what kind of engine design will it become ? Other than an OHV version, what else could it possibly be...Unless it's a DOHC version of the 5.0 (302) engine :shrug:
  15. And if they hadn't run the show Ford would be where GM is.

  16. guess what? the bean counters are the only reason ford isn't at the capitol begging for a handout right now.

    conservative progression is ford's strategy while chevy and dodge have been measuring their cocks for the last 30 years. cool, chevy has fifteen versions of the same car and a corvette that is pretty stellar... and a huuuuuuuuuuge hole in their pocket.

    you boys need to stop whining and thanking God that ford knows how to make a car that sells.
  17. All the info points to a NEW engine family...not MOD and not 5.0 Windsor OHV. With larger bore centers than the MOD, it could easily grow beyond 5.0. I'm sure they incorporated lessons learned through the years of MOD development; and came up with more power in a smaller, lighter package.
  18. It's a totally new engine, but the Modular was called modular because of the plant technology where they can make different configurations by switching out the tooling.

    No, the reason Ford didn't ask for money is because Mulally hedged his risks in 2006 and started securing funds early on from banks when they were lending it like crazy. He mortgaged assets, plants, etc... and it gave him an extra year of breathing room compared to GM and Chrysler. However the ROOT CAUSE of the Big 3's problem is that they let bean counters run the show for too long. The Big 3 will happily decontent a small bolt to shave a penny off a car without realizing the effect of this.

    I have spoken to many former Big 3 employees that have talked about regular meetings to discuss cost cutting. The bean counters are running the show but they fail to see the long-term strategy: customer and product. Without focusing on either element, your company can cut costs until the cows home but you're not going to survive on the market.
  19. have you guys read the new motortrend test of the 2010 gt man its got impressive numbers with the track pack 0 to 60 in 4.9 seconds
  20. 0-60 in 4.9 is what the 2005 Mustang GT ran.