Fords new commercial

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  1. yeah... i saw this on another site. disturbing but funny at the same time, if you can get past the cuelty part. if it was a cartoon and the headless cat ran around trying to get back together it wouldn't have been shunned as much.

    i like the pidgeon one too. a little more entertaining since we all associate with the dive bombing critters.
  2. I guess I have a warped sense of humor. Cause I find that damn funny. I realize that it shows cruelty to animals. But come on people. Who's going to look at that commercial and use it as inspriation?
  3. i agree but those [email protected] gullible kids have a way of warping reality.

    thats why they had to edit all the Road Runner cartoons because they're too violent.

    too many parents using the TV as a baby sitter instead of spending quality time with thier kids to make sure they grow up normal.
  4. :rlaugh: I almost wet myself when I watched that. And I have cats :D. I can definitely see why Ford rejected that one, as funny as it is most normal people probably don't find it funny. Of course, everyone I know except for one thought it was hysterical...

  5. i would totally buy this car... imagine the antitheft alarm on that baby!
  6. Nhaa, trunk monkey is much better. :D


    oh, man..... (wipes tears from eyes) ..... oh s***...

    that's great.

    thats gotta be faked where the head actually falls off, there wasnt even any blood. when you cut a cats head off it bleeds alott.... (dont ask)

    whoever the add man was, he should get a promotion. thats the first comercial that i've liked since the superbowl.