Fords Secret Factory Additive To Hide 5.0 Engine Tick?


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Oct 24, 2009
Fords Secret Factory Additive To Hide 5.0 Engine Tick?

I have been reading through a TON of info regarding the well known and common engine tick issue on the 2011-2019 5.0 engines. Everyone who has this issue reveals that it occurs after the first oil change. So this made me wonder if Ford uses a special motor oil additive from the factory to hide this sound from new buyers. A convenient excuse being given to those who come to close to the truth are informed that this additive is simply an engine "break-in" additive added at the factory for new engine assemblies. Has anyone ever heard of Motorcraft XL-17 additive? I have heard that this additve instantly cures the 5.0 engine tick...

After MANY YEARS Ford is now FINALLY admitting to this "typewriter" "BBQ" tick, but says it is "normal". But Ford wont give an explanation of what it is.

In addition, online Ford Customer Service reps present on online 5.0 forums throughout the net avoid any questions regarding this additve or and any similar additives which cure the 5.0 tick. Very suspicious I say!

Let us discuss!
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Oct 2, 2019
Norman, OK
OK, first off, I am not a Ford guy at all - I'm here because my daughter has an '05 and I do some of the maintenance. I do have lots of experience with VWs, both old aircooled and the watercooled models. VWs 1.8 4 cyl that was used in some form from the late 70s up through the 90s had ticking lifters. We could usually make it much less pronounced by going to a heavier oil - I use 20W50 in mine and usually it'll tick a bit on startup and then go away once you blip the throttle a bit. I've had some of these motors do this for 400-500K miles with no apparent ill effects. Maybe the Ford's issue is more dire, but maybe it's just an idiosyncrasy that you can live with.
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