[email protected] Mall July 17-18 CarShow and Autocross In PA

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  1. This is the next show Im planning on going to.


    registration from is at http://www.ncmustangclub.org/fatm_register.html

    Its the Fords @ the Mall show. In WIlliamsport PA

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    Its a great event and the people up there are great!!! The autocross is a Blast that is saturday and Sat eve is the Picnic to Eat cheep and meet and hangout. The judged show is Sunday with lots of Ford classes and tons of door prizes.
    I plan on staying overnight on saturday and maybe on friday too My wife will be taking her Mini and autocrossing for the First time up there! This will be my 4th year going up there. Its a Great place to see how you do autocrossing you car, You can autocross ANYTHING even a Town car, Yes a Town car If that guy is there you wont believe how fast he runs the track!! The auto cross is $15.00 You WILL need a helmet for the the autoX also your car MUST pass tech inspection to run.
    Go to
    for more info about SCCA and the solo2 program from NEPA

    Early registration for the show is BY JULY 3rd (10 bucks)

    They usually have the Ford SVT show Truck there with all the frpp goodies to show off.

    There is also a Dyno that they have last year it was 50 for 3 pulls.

    Over all the show is great and its ALL on blacktop so NO DUST, its also right outside the mall for the wives and GF

    Pics from last year

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  2. You can count me in :)
  3. i'm there
  4. As of right now, I plan on going.

    Also, there is a show at CJ Ponyparts next weekend July 10th. It's usually a pretty nice show. Last year had about 300 Stangs, free food (hotdogs & soda) & door prizes. It's free to enter your car. Anyone else going?
  5. CJ's is up in the air for me, There is a meet in Philly from 1 till when ever and alot of friends will ge there. But we have a family party that evening so im not sure the CJ's thing will be over sooner and I can get to the family thing then. Ill have to see who is showing up early at the philly meet and then ill figure out where Im going. Hopfully the weather is good!!!!

    Fords @ the mall should be alot of fun Im going up friday night and staying over till sunday
  6. I forgot to register in time for the Mall thing, you said i can pay at the "door" right? when i get there? i still plan on going.


  7. Yes you can its 15 for the autocross on Sat and its 5.00 for the picnic on sat night (dinner) food drinks -- Beer too I think???

    10.00 for the show in sunday. Im planning on leaving on friday night and staying over till sunday I didnt get a hotel there is a cheep on I used to stay at when I went to college so I plan on staying there Im not sure if we are going to double up or do separeate rooms they should only be like 35.oo per night at that place. Ill talk to Ang and see what she wants to do?
  8. Ok sounds good to me. I dont care if we double up or not, i am all about saving money, but you you guys want your privacy :D then i will get a room of my own. no biggie


  9. were is that at, is it close to allentown pa?
  10. I believe the CJ Show ends at 3:00pm

  11. CJ's is about hour form here Its 7o miles. Its exit 78 off of Rt81 I think. Its really in hershey.

    I think the show ends at 5...? Not sure couldnt find anything on the website.

    Fords at the Mall is 2 hrs from allentown,
    Its worth the drive I like the show!! and the auto Cross it great because you can learn if its your first time and its got different classes, Fords run for time against Fords and then other cars are as ususal SCCA classes but they are relaxed for that race its more to have FUN!
  12. How many cars show up, and how many of those cars are mustangs?
    I'm thinking of going, but i'm not sure yet. Its a somewhat long drive. Every show, race, event is always like 2 hours or more from me. It doesn't matter where it is, its always that far away...LOL
  13. I will be coming up from Baltimore, MD, thats a 3.5 hour drive for me. This will also be the first time at autoXing.

    Tom, what stang do you plan on taking? the '66? or just the mini?


  14. Ang is driving the Mini and ill be taking the 66. The Pacer with the chin and the side exhaust isnt Cone friendly :(
    the 66 was Fun to play with last year and its doesnt get to go out to the shows much. That show is its time to have Fun rather than sit in the garage.. I really HOPE it doesnt rain... you know my leaking problem...

  15. From NE pa its probably the same drive time as me. Its a nice show I ve been going for 4 yrs and the people who run it are very nice and its a Great Club. the NEPA Scca is Great too!! Lots of nice people.

    Yes its mostly Mustangs but there are other Fords too late modles and older cars and there are Trucks too but all in all mustangs are the majority there are about 300 autos that enter the show. The auto cross is maybe about 40 -45 cars with the Ford only class with Prizes!! and the other classes for the other cars that are there. The placks are for the Ford cars though, at least they had prizes last year.. not positve for this year, so dont hold me to it.
  16. For those who are not familiar with that area and Williamsport watch your speed on on I-180/220 I got pulled over twice on that stretch within a mile of each other, on different days. they like to sit in the median. Luckily the State Police were very cool and let me off with warnings both times :nice:. Be careful after the turbotville exit to the exit for the mall which is the Hall Pennsdale exit thats where they like to sit. For entertainment purposes other than the show, they have an off track betting place on the other side of sears. IF you go to Williamsport they have a Red lobster, TGIF, Olive Garden, Hoss's(steak house), and Chinese Buffet among others. THey have a couple good clubs/bars The Cell Block (a former county prison) on 3rd street, Club America at one of the hotels it is the second hotel away from Wegmens, the Pub on 4th st near Lycoming College and for those who like micro brews the Bull Frog on 4th st. Just my opinion but stay away from the Rainbow room, the Shamrock, and the Tap Room if it is still open all on west 4th about a 2 or 3 blocks from Bull Frog. The 3 bars i just mentioned are in a bad section of town so to speak. Also the Rainbow Room is, well, Rainbow it says it all. I wish i could get there but weather permitting i will be going to a test and tune at a track about an hour and a half away (beaver springs).

  17. Ill secont THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my First and only ticket there!!!! I was on my way to college and was making really good time... I was doing 85 most of the way ... Luckally he only got me at 77 in a 55.

    Do you live in williamsport?
    Are you familiar with south williamsport and any Motels on rt 15??
  18. No i don't live there but I use to go to college up there Penn College. Where did you go to College. There are a couple of hotels on rt 15 they are very close to the Little League Museum. I think there is 2 bigger ones and a smaller one. South side is a nice area. Also right outside of Montoursville there is a Super 8 hotel there and if you take the 3rd street exit Williamsport off of I-180/220 there is an econo lodge as well both have fair rates. At the TGIF there is a hotel.

    For adult entertainment there is a strip club behind the Super 8 called Club Fred. It was 18 to get in BYOB and a $10 cover.

    Is anything going on for Friday or is it Just SAT and SUN