Forged? 6spd? Preemptive or excessive?

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  1. Your ride: 05-09 S197 GT
    Your goal: fun, confident, supercharged street pony you can be proud of, very little track/course time
    Your budget: unlimited
    Your mentality: spend enough to get the job done without completely throwing money away

    I have a full BMR suspension coming. Tires. Full exhaust (LT, h-pipe, etc). Supercharger purchased. Before I install anything I'm considering whether I should..

    1) wait and purchase this new FRPP Aluminator 46x and THEN install my supercharger so I can have some insurance

    2) rather than install the MGW STS just replace the entire transmission with the Magnum XL kit with a McLeod RXT clutch and lightweight flywheel

    I know some people aren't but I would be very happy with 450rwhp. I have no problems with the 3650 right now except sometimes getting into reverse.. I have read of problems occuring later down the road, especially supercharged.

    If you were building your own street monster would you bother throwing another $10k out for a forged motor and 6spd transmission or wait until yours breaks and then replace it?
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  2. Break it. Your motor and tranny should be able to handle 450, or thereabouts. If you don't need to, why spend all that money? If you do, then go big.
  3. Just bolt on the supercharger and MGW, then go have fun:D
  4. What charger? If it's anything off the shelf like the FRPP H.O. Whipple you can bolt that on to stock motor and trans and they'll hold for a considerable time the only thing to worry about is clutch if you use slicks and or beat the day lights out of it.
  5. DOB kit if you've heard of it. Plan on picking up the Exedy Mach 400 and lightweight steel flywheel and enjoying the summer. Thanks everyone!
  6. Is the Department of Boost kit the one that allows you to use a GT500 supercharger on a 2v or 3v?
  7. Yeah I'm putting it on my 05 GT. I made out pretty good and have barely spent $1300.
  8. How much did you pay for the main parts: supercharger, elbow, throttle body, injectors, fuel pump, etc. I'm looking into this kit but have had a hard time locating items for a decent price.
  9. $400 for the supercharger, elbow, and throttle body. $300 for the gt500 pumps. $150 for the heat exchanger/cai. The injectors were $130. Try the svtperformance forum and check the market. Any GT500 forum really. I had my girlfriend check everyday and gave her my Paypal and had her haggle for me.
  10. Have you bought the manifold yet? Last I saw there was a backlog of orders, but that may have changed.

    Anyway - I'd install what I had first. No sense spending money you don't have to. With a good tune, you'll be very happy (and safe) with the DOB kit.
  11. lol, the supercharger kits for the coyote 5.0 are like 6 grand.
  12. I haven't. Waiting for my house to close before I spend anymore money. It will be soon though. Really looking forward to it!