Forged Internals For 4.6 Gt

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  1. I have a 2003 gt all stock internals with a 1.7 kb, was looking to buy forged internals. Was wondering if anyone knows of a good package to get and what all is involved, I mean can I get just pistons, rods, and a crank and be good or is there other parts I need to make it work besides the obvious hardware etc. Thanks

    This where I got mine. Couldn't be happier. Their rotating assemblies come complete. You just need to buy some bearings and upgrading the head studs to ARP is a good idea.
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  3. Thanks nightfire, you know what kind of price I would be looking at? Also, from what I have read, stock internals with a mild tune and not beating it, they should be good?!? So far so good! But was curious, some people say they run fine, then I have heard horror stories! LoL
  4. You can save some money my using your factory cast crank. The factory cranks are good to about 650-700rwhp. Just have a good machine shop polish and inspect it for you.

    I spend close to $3k on my rotating assembly but I went big with their MMR 1000 assembly (Manley coated pistons, Manley H-beam rods, forged crank, etc...)

    They have an I-beam rod and piston combo for $899 and an H-beam rod and piston combo for $999.

    What I would do is save up or set the money aside until you blow the motor (if you do at all). What kind of power are you pushing?
  5. Good ideas, pushing 392hp/400torque.
    Good ideas, 377hp/410 torque
  6. Ha, don't know why I put those first numbers, just had a kid three days ago and going off 8 hours sleep last 3 days! Anyway, thanks for the input, I'm going to go look at that website. I will get some pics up later of the car.
  7. Do you happen to know how much timing is in it? How much boost? Is it intercooled (if not, where are you located). I say that you're pretty safe with those numbers. Just keep some money aside just in case.
  8. Not sure about timing, boost is 9, yes, intercooled, I'm from Omaha.
  9. You should be fine for a while with those numbers.
  10. thanks again, cheers!
  11. I'm running 390/410ish to the wheels on stock internals. I don't flog the car every second but get into it occasionally. Got a 3 core intercooler and 12psi on the very tip top of the rpm band. So far so good. Had my blower on for a little over 3 years now. Engine is pushing 113xxx miles on the odo.
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  12. Thanks for the info, Mattstang04.
  13. The best/cheapest way to do it is 2012 Boss 302 rods and used Cobra pistons. Stock crank is fine. Stock replacement bearings and rings are fine. And contrary to what a lot of people will tell you, the stock head bolts are perfectly fine as well (so long as you're not over 20 pounds of boost). All of those things are fine to 600 horsepower, give or take. And if you do the work yourself, you can easily build the shortblock with those components for under $1000, including machine shop work. And if you're making enough power to break any of those components, then the cost of building the shortblock isn't likely that important to you. It takes a LOT of money to make, and hold, 600 rwhp on a 2-valve 4.6.
  14. image.jpg image.jpg That I beam, piston combo and what will said are good ideas, thanks, and sorry for the late responses, this new baby runs the show now!! lol. Found out the timing was 14 and boost was only 7lbs. New to all this stuff so all these numbers are all over for me. Here's a couple pics, I will put some better up later.