For Sale Forgline GA1R wheels with Michelin PSS tires


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Aug 4, 2001
Toronto, Canada
Up FS is my set of Forgeline monoblock GA1R wheels with Michelin PSS tires. They are done in Forgeline's transparent smoke finish. The wheels are in perfect condition no curb rash, damage, marks anywhere on them. The tires are about 5 years old but still has tons of tread and work well mounted on the Forgelines. Will come with TPMS sensors mounted on the wheels. Wheels were on my 2013 GT500, they will fit all S197 cars and S550. Wheels located in Toronto, Canada.

The wheels are 19x10"F and 20x11"R with 275/40/19F and 295/35/20R.

You know the quality, strength and lightweight mass of these wheels so I don't have to type up a whole production talking about it, you are getting pretty well the best wheel money can buy for your GT500.

I'm asking US$3700.00 + shipping, depending on where you are I may go half on shipping for you so I can sell these to an eager owner that can make a statement having these on their car.

I will also include with sale of wheels a complete set of 3/4" hex small diameter wheel nuts and 2 sets of locking wheel nuts to bolt these wheels to your car (note: wheel nuts are only for S197 cars, S550 uses larger wheel nuts that you have to supply).

PM, call or text 416-919-1769 to discuss and get a shipping quote. If you are in Toronto on a trip and have the space feel free to pick up.



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Aug 4, 2001
Toronto, Canada
I can do discounted shipping to US 48 states and Canada, get these wheels on your car, nothing like rolling on Forgeline wheels and get them way cheaper than buying new and with tires to boot.

Again depending on where you are I may go half on shipping for you. You can't go wrong buying these for your S197 Mustang.

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