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  1. putting Gradys webpage attached/edited within the first page someplace (even added to the current tweecer manual faq), since he already has screenshots and some splain'in about them.

  2. Out of all those options Ive used very few, Alot of the scalars Ive changed a little to suit what I wanted, but other than that, Ive just messed with the Fuel and spark tables mainly, adjusted injector offset table and the idle air table and thats about it. And ive got this thing running pretty sweet. When I first started self tuning I knew nothing about it, just read everything on the internet I could then finally came across the tweecer r/t used bought it and have loved it ever since I got it. Best mod Ive ever done imo.
  3. OK Guys

    Two Questions I would like to see answered

    First one is ...........

    If we did make info more organized with specific titles, subject, etc ............

    Does everybody think that would make things a little bit better
    Would that make a pretty noticeable difference :shrug:

    Second one is .............

    I've also been thinking about tuning basics in general.
    This would be applicable no matter if talking about using Tweecer, SCT,
    or PMS interfaces and others as well.

    You know ... topics like ..........

    na sbf's like so much spark, fuel, etc
    blown sbf's like ......
    sbf's with juice like .....

    I bring up this second Question bacause so many peeps have the idea its
    the tuning interface software that requires an investment of time to
    become a proficient self tuner when it really is about the pcm and how the
    car responds to more/less fuel and spark.

    Thoughts ... Questions ... Comments ............. anyone and everyone :)

  4. For me the well organized thing mainly would be to 100% put inplace a search first rule/mentality for those same basic questions that pop up. Of course with the kindness and calm tone we have here BASHING, I think of it more like a motivator like "ohh yeah I need to do some research and learn" as this is part of self tuning.

    I agree on the basics for gen. targets per type of setup, if we started a gen. "basic NA, basic N2O, basic Boost" type thread and give diff. viewpoints of what numbers to go for...then let people in that thread to add input on what they have found to work along with adding what tuning system they are working with....after a few replies it would make a good basic faq. It might kill two birds with one stone. I bet we could even copy and past a good bit of info together from old posts that we search to make the faq even better.

    I think one thing we can all barrow from the tweecer forums is the either put what your tuning with in your sig or post it in the thread.
  5. Jason's idea was what I immediately thought of when Grady brought up this great premise. And TJH reinforced the idea of how to culminate the Sticky, doing so as Grady outlined. Set up a number of 'master threads', each for the given topic.
    So you have a tip-in retard thread, a fan setting thread (seems common), Open loop idling thread, and so on (whatever it is you guys use). Let these evolve in the forum, or just immediately pin the hyperlinks into the Master Sticky so folks dont keep making new threads (as Jrichker's did with his idle surge sticky. That thing is now umpteen pages long, as folks go there first or get sent there in short order if they try to post a thread.

    One step further:
    In each sticky topic (exempli gratia: tip-in retard), someone could even rehash the info (like JRichker did in the idle surge sticky. His opening post is organic, being periodically updated as people post more thoughts). That'd be optional but might be nice.

    I'd offer to assist if I knew anything about tuning.
  6. I understand about the copy/paste thing from old threads. My idea has been to
    do just that many times in the past but I could not always find it.

    How about a format of something like this :shrug:

    A new thread with the title of ........ Shift Retard

    I found a recent thread where it was correctly named and explained
    so the copy and paste thing could be used for that :Word:

    The fix could be added after that for a first post that would look like ..........

    05-31-07, 02:58 PM
    Originally Posted by The Green GT View Post
    What exactly is the shift retard? Does it pull timing when you first shift into a gear?

    This is one of those things that is a bit misunderstood

    Peeps call it a Shift Retard when it really is ......
    A retarding of spark when the throttle is tipped in

    In the Tweecer software it is a scalar that is described as ..............

    btw ... The default value is 5 degrees

    What happens is if you are at a light load, slight throttle opening condition
    like a low speed cruise in say 3rd gear and then ... tip-in ... the throttle
    to a WOT condition ... you will see a retard of spark to 5 degrees for
    about 1/2 of a second.

    So you see ... shifting is NOT necessary for the event to happen
    Shifting can be involved as it happens too

    Here is an example of how it hurts performance in an untuned Stang

    Consider the fact the spark table is calling for 25 degrees at WOT
    Most peeps keep the dizzy above stock value at say 4 degrees more

    You are in second at WOT and do a quick shift to third and back to WOT

    You were in second with a total spark advance of 25+4 for 29 total

    You now gotta go through a time interval of about 1/2 of a second
    with your spark reduced to 5 degrees right after you get back on
    the skinny pedal before you return to your normal 29 degrees of
    total advance under WOT conditions.

    Hope that helps you to see it a bit more clearly


    The Fix ............

    Match the scalar value to the value you have chosen as the total amount
    of spark in the greatest load row at maximum rpm in the base spark table.

    Since the values match ... there is no reduction of spark at WOT tip in

    NOTE This would be the end of the first post in the thread.
    Of course, others could add more info or ask questions if they
    felt they needed more clarification.

    The only thing I don't like is the thread title :(

    It is kinda like continuing to spread the misinformation with the title :bang:
    If we made the title with the correct scalar name ...........

    Some might not know what it means
    Other interfaces like PMS or SCT might call it by a different name

    We don't want this forum to be Tweecer exclusive ... as I see it :nono:

    Anyway ... is something along these lines .......

    good :shrug:
    not so good :shrug:
    25% good but you got a better idea for the other 75% :shrug:

    I'm not trying to be forceful with my ideas :nono:
    Just trying to get something started

    I really do want everybody to give input :nice:
    We can end up with a good format :banana:

    One that will benefit those who share and those who seek info ;)

  7. ^^^that is perfect, Grady!

    the topic/question is clear, it explains it well, and offers a solution describing the exact scalars that need to be modified and what to modify it to.

  8. How about a thread to recommend old threads for good tech. Then MOVE the images in those threads to stangnet, so we never have to worry about the hotlinked images disappearing. :shrug:
  9. Paul

    I can only speak for myself but :shrug:

    I have always preferred to get my info within the same thread where a
    discussion is taking place rather than using a provided link
    to go off to some place else.

    Of course ... if the info is extensive with a lot of images and the like ......
    that is not always feasible.

    Are you saying what I did several posts up where the info was
    copied and pasted from an older thread to this forum is not what
    you are talking about :shrug:

    I wanna be completely clear about your idea Paul :nice:

  10. Right, same idea. Just have a designated place where people can recommend what is added. Say they find a good write up in the archives or searches. No point in ONE person being responsible for this. We can all help at our leisure.

    Copy and pasting the text is fine. But just pasting the picture links won't work. Over time we will lose the images. I'm guilty of forgetting when or better yet where I posted images to help someone. Then a year later I cleaned up my web server for space. Sure enough, I get an email or PM from someone that wants help from a year old thread, and I killed the images. :bang:

    Timeless wanted to know what could help. The moderator or trusted person for the organizing really needs a place to move and relink the images to for this to work long term. :nice:
  11. OK Paul

    Thanks for the details and I understand :D

    You wanna steal the images :rlaugh:
    Host them some place else :rlaugh:

    I just had to say it like that ... cause ... We all do it :rlaugh:

    I've always used my personal site to host the pics I put up for you guys
    but I think I've seen SN will host pics.

    Should we do it that way :shrug:

    Also .............

    I would not think other members would mind when we use
    their original question as the start of a thread that will surely
    become immortal :rlaugh:

    Good Ideas :nice:

    Our end result will be better if all throw in their input here ;)

    Don't anybody feel they gotta just stand on the side line
    Sit on the bench :nono:

    Get involved here ... right now :D
    for a better more user friendly 94-95 tuning forum :Word:

  12. If they offered them up to stangnet users the first time. I consider them fair game. It's public access then. Plus I would consider it flattering in a way. :nice:

    Just please don't use some of the titles. :rlaugh: "I need help, what is this, is it broke, and btw how much is it worth if I try to sell it?"
  13. This isn't something out of the question. Storage is relatively cheap, and if this means a more reliable solution that might attract more users to this already powerful community, then it's most likely a positive benefit compared to what it costs to host the images.

    Just let me know...
  14. i like the idea of also breaking down the FAQ into:

    N/A Tuning

    Supercharged Tuning

    Nitrous Tuning

    and having what specific things that make the most impact. Suggested Vaules for each. How to get a stable idle with a cam. How to build a MAF flowsheet. How to adjust for larger injectors.

    I wish i had a tweecer for my 95 so i could mess with it.
  15. Ok ... As I see it ...

    We are considering hosting charts, graphs, and the like on SN if one sees
    the need to include them with text.

    We are considering moving charts, graphs, and the like to SN when we
    use info from past threads to allow us to be in control of the data.

    That all sounds good to me :)

    Again ... Its not like we are gonna be doing cutting edge stuff :nono:
    The info peeps ask about has been covered many times before here
    and on other sites as well.

    We are just trying to be better organized with our format so the info
    can be easily accessed by other members at a later point in time.

    So far ... Do ya'll think we are going in the right direction :shrug:

    I do have just a thought or two more :D
    First ... Lets see if most members find this agreeable so far :)

  16. Too bad we cannot make a thread with a tab a thread that has really a general/help thread broken down into MAF, Inj., Load, spark, idle. It would save a ton of room up top with a tab'd faq. Then have 3 specific tune threads one for N2O, Boost and N/A.

    That way your not searching threw pages and pages of examples, and posts to find one reply then go threw several pages to find another example or more detail. That is the only thing I hate about searching the tons of dead space that can pop up in a damn good post.
  17. Well ... I can certainly relate to that Greg :)

    The thing that I kept thinking over and over is here :D
    We have the wonderful ability to talk only CBAZA :nice: :banana: :Word:

    IMHO ... that is a real advantage ;)

  18. :nice:
    I like that setup...
    Organized, concise, and easy to scan through.

    Not that you guys should care what I think, but I am taking notes on what you do here...
    Hopefully the Fox section will continue to grow as well...

  19. OK

    If links are preferred to text & images tied to specific thread titles that
    are in place for viewing without leaving the thread .......
    that certainly will work :)

    however ... Sooner or Later

    We will end up with a mix when past info can't be found to link to
    Someone wants to contribute an addition of more info
    Someone asks a question that needs more info than past threads offer

    Now ... If we follow an index like format of links only ... I see it as no
    different from what the Fox guys have done.

    I saw one thread that was 11 pages long on idle surging and the posts
    ranged from clocking the maf to pcm resets to many other subjects.

    While I can see how ALL that info is helpful ... we already got that now
    somewhere in a post in one thread or another but you gotta find it.

    11 pages and growing to deal with a subject :crazy:

    I was thinking we not only needed to be specific but concise as well
    The guy doing research to teach himself with what we provide .....

    I mean ... Are we not trying to keep this simple :shrug:

    Well ... lots of these tuning issues are pretty cut and dry like the
    tip in spark retard we talked about :nice:
    Some are not ... such as injector timing :notnice:

    Hummmmm :scratch:

    I'm beginning to see we are gonna need threads for specific known
    facts and threads to discuss ideas, thoughts, and the like :)
    I fear what will happen is we will end up with a small amount of specific
    info buried in and amongst posts making up a huge thread of questions,
    discussions, and who knows what :(

    Not trying to be critical of the Fox Fellers :nono:
    Facts are one thing
    Hashin out stuff is another

    Its my feeling we should not mix them together ... if we can help it :D