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  1. Grady, I agree with ya. :nice:
    That's where I was going before - the only way that method would work is if someone man's the thread (like Jrichker did in the idle surge sticky) and updates the first post with any gems that pop up in all the later posts. Jrichker evaluates people's replies and periodically adds the good stuff to his first post (hence the first post being organic). You really dont need to read most of the replies in that thread - the good stuff is in the first posts by JR.

    As you noted, that's the only way that method would work IMHO also. Otherwise, there's too much shotgunned throughout the thread.
  2. I see what you're getting at now...

    How about this...

    Hope that made sense :shrug:

  3. Jason and JT

    I think I was able to get across my concern of actual facts surrounded by fluff
    although some of that fluff could be helpful by the way you replied here :)

    Guys ... I really am concerned about keeping the laid back friendly kinda
    atmosphere we got here in place.

    My biggest concern for our community is and always has been ........

    Peeps need to feel free to ask things without being belittled
    Peeps need to feel free to share different ideas without reprisal
    Well ... I know ... you all know ... what I mean here :D

    I was thinking :scratch: How do we tell everybody we need just known facts
    with proven results separated from questions and discussions without
    someone having to be the heavy handed guy that tells peeps they
    broke the rules by drifting off subject, posted in the wrong thread,
    and so forth.

    Not too hard to see by the good ideas here
    I'm kinda slow to see the big picture :rlaugh:
    Then again ... Why do you think I keep encouraging input ;)

    JT ... I can see how your idea could work cause the original thread
    starter controls the original post where the specific and concise
    info is contained :nice:

    Jason ... I see how a subject that has a known fix could be contained
    in a locked thread or sticky :nice:
    I didn't completely follow the second part where we would hash
    things out if you are talking about doing something other than using
    the tuning forum for all that :shrug:

    Great ideas by all if you ask me :hail2:
    I really do feel we are getting closer and closer to a great beginning :banana:

    I gotta admit the index thing seemed redundant to me at first :scratch:
    cause we already got that with the forum thread titles.
    It makes so much more sense to me after looking at it more and more :nice:

    I see the importance of being able to go to a thread where specific
    title links will take one to a specific and concise tuning thread that
    contains the following information:
    explains the problem
    explains how the pcm deals with the problem
    offers a proven method one could use to .....
    arrive at the best value for their particular combo

    Its these threads that need to be protected from becomming
    NOT ... specific and concise :D

    So if I'm not being too bold or pushy here

    Seems like we got what needs to be done with known issues and fixes

    What do we want to do about Questions and Discussions :scratch:

  4. By 'hash out' I just meant these would be the threads were the 'fixes' were sorted out.

    For example one thread, locked for editing, would have all the known bugs for current and past versions of CalEdit.
    The 'hash out' threads would be there for reference. These would be the original threads in which the bugs were first reported and work-arounds were discovered.

    Again, just ideas...
    But I really like what you're trying to do!!!
  5. Yes Jason ... I understand and you basically have confirmed the idea of
    using the tuning forum for ask a q, start a discussion, or as we have
    described it ... "hash out" issues.

    We then copy the proven facts from those threads to our sticky
    that already exists or make one with the new found info.

    I can see your thoughts/ideas and method :nice:
    JT's thoughts/ideas and method working nicely :nice:

    I gotta go quickly but I wanna get everyone started to think about
    which method would be best for what we are trying to accomplish
    with our 94-95 tuning forum :scratch:

    Everybody ... Once again ... Speak Up :Word:

    Give your input as to which you like :D
    I'm about 50 50 on each method ... they both have merit IMHO :)

    Gotta Go for now!

  6. Your idea basicly makes the thread a tab'd setup with the topic "click-able" for detailed info and the locked idea to control the content is perfect. It makes for a VERY clean setup that would be VERY easy to use and navigate. You could even add in links....


    I think I am going to go back and do some editing to the tweecer bug thread and add some searched info to it from here and the eectuning site for specific bugs/ways to deal with it.

    That MAF transfer page I made along time ago may be of some worth as I kinda intended it to be added to over time with peoples mafs and what numbers/power in supported in hopes to see what diff. inj. did to a given maf and performance gained.
  7. I have to point out that I didn't come up with that...

    The link provided below by tjh566 is where the idea came from...
    I'm probably going to shut up now and let you sn guys work in peace :nice:

    I will be watching though :D
  8. well guys,

    I really like the idea of a tabbed setup.

    There's WAY too much information to be covered in a sticky...and the size could get out of hand realllly quickly. So that's one thing we'd need to watch.

    I really like tjh's setup...and believe this would be a very effective way of doing it.

    We could have a main topic hyperlinked to another page. This page would have a table of contents and would delve deeper into the subject.


    "fuel tuning" would be hyperlinked to a page that said..."1. Injector offsets" "2. breakpoints" "3. slopes".....and so on in that nature. If you wanted to keep the page length short, you could branch it off a bit more, and the table of contents topics could be hyperlinked to their own separate page. If we can't find a thread for one of the subjects, we could pull together and make a good one for future users

    I think we should have one sticky that's based off of NA info...and in the main table of contents, we could have supercharger/N2O basics....and go into timing/fuel related/whatever else topics.

    again, this is building off of what tjh suggested. Really good idea.

    I think in a case like's best to break things up so stuff doesn't run together. Organization is key here....I'm just rambling though because everyone knows that already.
  9. Well Folks

    I fear I have not communicated as effectively as I should have here.

    I guess I should say I see myself here as one who is trying to
    facilitate and rally everybody toward this effort to make our
    info more easily accessed :D

    I used the word sticky and I think that may have confused some :bang:

    Let me try again with hopefully more clarity

    It seems like most are liking these two concepts for a format :)

    1) We use the tuning forum to:
    a) ask Q's
    b) discuss topics and as proven fixes occur, move the info to a protected area

    Here is where I used the word sticky
    I think I kinda hosed up a bit :rlaugh:

    2) We have a locked thread or locked sticky which contains links to
    a locked post. This post will contain known info and fixes. This info
    should be precise and concise with its link from our general locked
    thread or sticky of helpful links.

    Well ... Does that sound like something that makes more sense :shrug:

  10. It's a FORUM, not an encylopedia. It is meant for INTERACTION, not a simple database search. (Caps for emphasis not shouting). I say, let the people decide what they want to do on a daily they already do. so we agree to disagree, no big deal. :)
  11. LOL - I would MUCH rather copy and paste a link to the new TECH threads then be rude and tell all the newbies "use the search feature that sometimes works and that they've usually already tried but didn't know what keywords to search with". :D
  12. No doubt about it

    The same tuning Q's get asked over and over and over .....
    Each time a new crop of noobs comes on here

    Now ... if you keep typing out the same one or two sentence reply
    every time it is needed ... It ain't all that much trouble.


    If you post up data that has taken much time and effort to come by
    with your own experience from your findings and interaction with
    other self tuners ....

    Well ... I can't do it with an effort that takes ... just a sentence or two

    Some of the time ... I gotta go back through old hand written notes
    or files on several different pc's or look for datalogs, screen shots,
    etc to give what I would call a quality, accurate, and hopefully ...
    an understandable reply to my fellow members.

    I was not the best student in my schooling days!
    Most of my in depth replies take 30 minutes or longer to compose.

    I ain't complaining :nono:
    I am happy to help all :D
    Once is enough :crazy:

    I don't feel it wrong for me to be able to copy & paste past efforts
    when the need arises each time the same question is asked to
    save me work and ensure accuracy

    The deal is ... You can't always find the past work you've done

    There are some who desire to gather info on their own
    as opposed to ...
    Asking and then waiting for an answer ... if they even get one

    Finally ........

    The interaction is great ... I like it and at times ... I can learn from it
    Interaction is one thing
    Research is another

    Research is a concentrated effort to glean info from a controlled source

    With interaction ... You have no control
    You deal with much info that is not relevant to the specific info you seek

    With this new format .......

    We do not strive to do away with discussion

    We do strive to become more organized with factual data


  13. I agree with this 100% - that's why I started working on what I'm about to tell all of you about (some of you already know).

    After being in the Mustang hobby for many years, like a lot of you, I started collecting data on my harddrive - stuff that I thought was really good, factual information. After a while, I got a lot of stuff - it became a pain to sift through.

    All this talk about forum improvement got me thinking about how awesome it would be to have an online resource that EVERYONE controlled and could edit. Why limit access to edit and improve the information to just a handful of people?

    We all know a good deal about Mustangs... StangNet and their community has really taught me a lot, more than I would have ever learned by myself. As sort of a way to give back, I started a wiki to supplement our discussions here on the forum.

    So folks, I give to you

    It is meant to be a repository for all this information (tuning and general tech) that we have gathered up - instantly accessible and able to be continually refined by everyone. Anyone can register their nick and begin uploading pictures and editing or adding content.

    Again, I wholly agree - I've started talking with a StangNet admin, Tim (timeless2) about bringing this to StangNet in the future once all the details are worked out. In the meantime, I wanted to get the ball rolling and start getting information in.

    Let's keep the discussion and the buzz here on StangNet and use the wiki to drive people here to discuss the information they find there. I think it would be a great way to get even more knowledgeable people into our community here.

    So give it a look and please do make any edits or additions you see necessary -

    I've created a basic tutorial on how to add information and how everything is structured. Read it first before making any edits so we are all on the same page and keep everything easily searchable -

    Thanks everyone (and especially StangNet) - I think we are on the verge of something great!

  14. Hey Wes....biiiigggg E-cookie. That was an excellent idea and thanks for all the hard work you put into it.

    I recently added a supercharger section...I think if everyone contributes we'll really be onto something great.
  15. Daaang man - nice work! Heck, I'm gonna use that when I put my S-trim in. :) (Cbarr's article for everyone to see:

    This thing is gonna rock!
  16. damn, Wes--that wiki is great!!!

    takes what all the ideas proposed on here and made them practical!! you are the man for taking the time to do all that!

    perfect example: went to your new wiki to see ifyou had the spark_retard info, and there it was! shows what scalar to modify and what value to enter to achieve the desired effect.


    can't wait 'til the twEECer wiki is poppin'!!
  17. Don't be scared to add stuff....the more you add, the better the database, and who knows, maybe we'll attract some other self-tuners who aren't aware of stangnet.
  18. Well Fellow Tuners

    It seems as if the input has dropped off and we have seen no more
    different ideas.

    It looks to me that most want to go with a format as suggested by tjh566

    If you missed his example I will link it for you

    He has offered to get it up and running :hail2:


    I'm up for it ;)

    Do all ya'll wanna go with it :D

  19. Hey Grady, have you see the wiki stuff?

    check it out if you haven't already. I think something good will come out of this.

    Let us know what you think.

    btw, this was Wes's original idea. He got the ball rolling on this one....and I'm just trying to push the ball along.
  20. Wes, drop me an email when you get a chance. I PM'd you my address. I want to get this going on the StangNet server so it's sanctioned, secured, and seamless to users who access and add to the content.

    We'll need to find a vBulletin hack to make the credentials pass, but it shouldn't be a problem.

    Thank you.