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Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by final5-0, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Re-sending an email to ya.

    Thanks man!
  2. I sure have :D

    I think Wes did a fine job with it :hail2:

    I don't know :scratch:

    I guess I'm kinda just waiting to see what happens :shrug:

  3. Grady was one of the first people I asked about the wiki and the first I went to for advice. :nice:

    I'm excited about the possibility of moving it over to StangNet - I didn't think the ball would get rolling quite this fast.

    Feel free to continue entering information - the information is exportable to X ML, so moving it from one location to the other will by very easy and I'm sure we can point the domain at stangnet so that there would not be any broken links and it would be quite transparent.

  4. I have some ideas that I would like to add/input but have 0 time :( . This will be the 3rd weekend in a row I will be out of town and have been getting ready during the week for the weekends.

    GREAT wiki 007, I really want to spend some time and go threw it...LOOKS GREAT.

    Are we going to combine the Wiki with the thread/link style tjh sug.? That is kinda the idea I am getting, it sucks only getting like 5min. to make sence of 2 days of posting and stuff.
  5. I kinda like the idea of doing both, as they complement each other nicely.

    My goal with the wiki was to not only be a master tuning resource, but also have information on EVERY aspect of our cars.

    The thread/link/sticky (TLS) would keep information searchable through the forum's search interface. The TLS could link to the wiki, other threads or other sites - whatever is appropriate for the topic in question.

    Switching subjects...

    I re-read Mike Glover's "Getting Started" PDF... the updated one that comes with the latest beta copy of the twEECer software. He has totally revamped it... it is awesome.

    I've got a link to this PDF on the wiki, of course... :)

  6. Also, if anyone adds something that was obtained from a thread a fellow stangnetter contributed to, or some other outside source.... Please do give them their credit.
  7. Very good point - I've added in the ability to cite sources with footnotes at the bottom of the pages.

    For an example of how this appears, look to the right of the subheadings of "Injector Parameters" on the wiki page for tuning injectors -

    The Help section ( has been updated with instructions on how to make the references.

    I've also added in a snazzy looking little skin to the wiki to make it easier on the eyes. :nice:

    Thanks guys!
  8. I saw a maf section and thought it may be worth adding some info from this thread I put together a little while ago....

    It could really add some detail to the maf section.

    I may try cut'n paste some into there but I will play with the format alittle to get it to look like the rest of your wiki maf section.