Forum Upgrades

Discussion in 'StangNet Site News' started by MRaburn, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. We have updated the SN Forums to the latest and greatest.

    For those looking for the old styles they are now gone, this was a must as a lot has changed in the code and we had to move forward.

    We will be creating a new DarkMoon for those who like it dark and should be up soon.

  2. Blue moon rocked :nonono:
  3. I really liked how easy 05 Mustang was to use. The Bold colors, and contrast made it easy to work with...

    The light blue seems washed out, and too faint.
  4. Hope it comes ASAP - this "blue moon" is far too bright - the dark red was much better in terms of reading posts!

    Just my .02!
  5. Ill add a bunch of colors and schemes for people to choose from.

    Thanks for your patience.

  6. Will the private message indicator return as well to let us know that there are new PMs?
  7. How soon will the new styles be up MRaburn?
  8. Well soon is the plan... developers are working on some styles. This was a major update from the VB crew, all old templates had to go.

    PM notices are on the front page as well as pop up alerts I Believe. I will check on that.

  9. Gotcha... I'll just need to reset my desktop shortcut to take me to the top page instead of directly to the tech forum. It will take a little getting used to not having that indicator at the top of each and every forum.

    Thanks for the info.
  10. <----impatiently waiting for the new darkmoon. My eyes can't handle this "white-out." LOL

  11. i'm having probrem with my avaiter now. is it due to new format???

    i'm trying like hell to uplead my new Avaiter i had other member made for me, and it kept telling i 'm now allowed, but everyone else can.
  12. i don't see the quote icon in the posts anymore. is that just by broweser?
  13. Bottom right corner of each post. There is a Quote and a Quick Reply Quote link.
  14. Why does my computer lock up every time I post a reply with this new crappy forum setup? Is it because it knows my eyes are bleeding and I need a break before they fall out?
  15. My computer locks up every time I post a reply on this new forum setup it knows this sucks too!!!:doh: :notnice: :notnice: :notnice:
  16. yea after i post something it just leaves the page white... sucks
  17. Bottom right corner of each post. There is a Quote and a Quick Reply Quote link.

    not on my browser. in advanced all of the tool boxes are whited out as well. i am viewing this with internet explorer. is anybody else having this problem or is it just me?
  18. got mozilla works fine for me.... :shrug:
  19. I want 05mustang setting back :(