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  1. Just reading all these posts....I'll get flamed for this...but simply put, be patient people. It seems that Mike and his people are trying to improve the site, and if there's a week or so of squinting to look at the tech that you all love, then put up with it....
  2. I don't normally post on these update/news threads, but I am in a minority and wanted to address one issue that some might not be aware of (or probably care about. LOL). As one of the few Dial-up users, the load speed has really gone down with this new format. I know DU users are not a large demographic, but are there any tricks to speed it up (on my end or otherwise)?

    BTW, I tried Greymoon last night (I think that is what it is called) and me likey.

    Congrats on the improvements Herr Raburn!
  3. Since the upgrade here is what I get, is there anything I can do to improve on this? :(


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  4. Hotrod,

    That is strange... All images are pulled from Is that sight blocked for you?
  5. Yes, that is the case I am blocked from :( I have been able to get around that though and get to the forums because that link has "forums" in front of it. :shrug:
  6. Hmmm, OK lemme think on that one. I will be having a light version added today and could prob use that one instead.
  7. One other detail that may be worth mention:

    It seems that half of the emoticons are either x'd out or are fuzzy little squares of static. They're not all displaying.

    Edit: Oooops, I see that I'm a little late with the post. My display is not near as severe as the one shown two posts ago though.
  8. No problems guys, thanks for pointing out you issues, I am working to resolve most today. ;)
  9. Ok MRaburn, here is how it looks when I switch to the new "TheFastDial" setting. :nice: There are still a few things that show up with red x's but for the most part it's 99.9% better! Thanks! :nice:


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  10. i get many Red X too.... we should have kept Old blue moon until all these issues were taken care off IMO
  11. There was no way to keep the old styles with the upgrade. You should not be getting red Xs as long as is allowed on the network.
  12. what do u mean "allowed" i can go to, andeverything comes up fine. No red x or error. taht means its allowed right?

    The red x i'm getting is only the smilies.

    Edit - never miond. its working now... i still can't load animated avater tho
  13. Thanks MRaburn for upgrading the site, it looks good.

    I have one question, are the Garages gone or will those be coming back?
  14. Yea I need to add the garage back in the system, I will check with the developer and see there is an update.

    Smileys should be fixed.

  15. can't upload animated avitars
  16. Yes, just checked out the new "Darkplanet" skin. I love it! Great job! :nice:

    Posting and editing is working perfect now. Immediate post with no load screen inbetween. So much better. :D

    EDIT: MRaburn, any plans on adding more smillies?
  17. ahhh Dark planet is pretty sweet.
  18. Dial ROCKS!
  19. what happened to the 1/4 times? :(
  20. my avater loded. its now cool upgrade!!