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Discussion in 'StangNet Site News' started by MRaburn, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Oddly enough, my preference is set for DarkPlanet in my UserCP. I can set it now at the bottom of the screen, and it will change, but it won't stay. I don't clear cookies as I hate re-logging into the forums I am part of.
  2. AH, fixed it. I just logged out, then logged in again. I guess it couldn't change the cookie without my logging in.
  3. After I click "Post Quick Reply" when using the "Quick Reply" box to reply to a thread my browser hangs. It is always the same message in the lower left corner: Read

    After I stop the page, highlight the address, and hit enter the page loads up and has my reply. I peruse many forums running the same software with the same browser, Stangnet is the only one that behaves this way. I am usually in the Classic forums.
  4. What browser are you using, please?
  5. Yeah, that would be important wouldn't it? Sorry.

    Firefox v1.0.7

    It does the same on both my home and work computers.
  6. I think it has to do with the Google Ads trying to load in the page after you use the quick reply. However, I use Firefox 1.07 and don't have that problem. I'll keep looking to see if I can find anything.
  7. Does anyone know what happened to the Focus Frenzy site? Been a while since I last visited. If it no longer exists does anyone know if there is a site that deals with Focus Tech questions...........Bern
  8. :scratch:
  9. i dont get emails for suscriptions since the upgrade....:scratch:
  10. I have noticed this, too. But it has only started in the past week or so. The subscriptions, even though chosen as "instant...." revert to "none" for the notification when viewed on the User CP.
  11. I STILL cannot get my Dark Planet skin to stay selected. I can manually change it everytime I visit, but when I come back, it goes to the painful BlueMoon.
  12. Do you have your skin choice set in your Control Panel?
  13. Is the post counter not working anymore. I have been away for away, Iraq and all, I have noticed alot of good changes. I have made new post but my post number hasn't changed in some of the other forums. I was posting in 5.0 talk. I see that it changed in this forum so could it just be a problem in the other forums.

  14. Talk no longer accrues.

    Sound/Shine, Regionals, Tech accrue.
  15. Thanks very much. It is great to get back on the site.
  16. Thank you for YOUR service. :flag:
  17. Yes, it has been set the entire time. I am using the FireFox browser if that may have some bearing on the situation. The site does load/work perfectly in FF- thanks for that.:nice:
  18. I am still getting the white page after I post most of the time.

    I am using firefox.
  19. Infinity/Aaron:
    What version of Firefox are you both on? I'm on 1.0.7 (adblock, flashblock, IE view are my three extensions) and I have no trouble with StangNet or any other site running the vBulletin engine.
  20. hmm im on 1.04 looks like time to upgrade, didnt know there was a latest version. Thanks