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Discussion in 'StangNet Site News' started by MRaburn, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Same. I had no problems before the upgrade.
  2. Same, as in you have 1.0.7 as well?
  3. Yes, 1.0.7 using :
    Adblock v.5 d2 nightly 39 with nothing blocked from here except the old Alred E. Neumann. It is really odd. I have cleared all my caches/cookies, rechecked my user CP, etc. It just doesn't want to hold my skin settings.

    I also remember that I had my name changed slightly by Duner around the same time- if that actually means anything.
  4. Aaron/Infinity:

    I forwarded this issue on to the admin team here. I (or they) will advise of what could possibly be done to rectify this issue.

    Thanks for your patience.
  5. Thanks, no hurry as it obviously works, I just have to set my skin every time I visit.
  6. still have the same problem, is there a fix? i dont get any suscription emails....:shrug:
  7. A w e s o m e !
  8. A w e s o m e !
  9. I upgraded to the latest version of firefox and am still having the same white page problem. Happens about 1/3 post ratio lol. :(
  10. It does it for me 100% of the time. It is more of an annoyance than anything.
  11. you are right it happens all the time, i just didnt want to make stangnet sad :(
  12. Should be some upgrades soon to help out.
  13. I have upgraded to Firefox 1.5 and it is still doing the same thing when using the "quick reply" box
  14. Profile pics can't be loaded. (Not avatars but the picture available for upload in the profile, 100x100 pixels.)

    MRaburn can you please load this one for me?
  15. UPgrade coming this week.
  16. Still having the white screen problem...
  17. that is part of the upgrade
  18. Guys Im not sure what to do about the white screen. As this software is written by people who sell it to 1000s of customers. My suggestion for people who are in mozilla (firefox) to not use the quick reply.

    One note, I use firefox and have never gotten the whitescreen. Maybe its an issue running a component of Firefox, ie ad blocker, or such.

  19. I use Firefox and I haven't seen the whitescreen. The only extensions I have installed are WeatherFox and Google Page Rank.