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    What's up everyone? I have some clearance items that have ridiculous pricing that we're blowing out the door. These items are ONLY available here on the forum, so please only share this with friends who have login names. These all have limited quantity, but they are the deepest discounts we've ever offered on these items!

    *Forums-ONLY prices are in RED

    Steeda High Capacity Heat Exchanger (05-09) $479.99 $359.95
    Coupon Code: ‘shche’

    Ford Racing FR500C Front Lower Control Arms (05-10) $529.99 $399.95
    Coupon Code: ‘fcflca’

    Mustang Aluminum One Piece Driveshaft (07-10 GT500) $769.99 $579.95
    Coupon Code: ‘maopd’

    Bassani Axle-Back Exhaust (05-09 V6) $289.99 $199.95
    Coupon Code: ‘babe0509’

    C&L Cold Air Intake (99-01 Cobra) $359.99 $279.95
    Coupon Code: ‘cnlcai’

    Steeda V6 High-Flow Air Kit (94-04 V6) $199.99 $135.95
    Coupon Code: ‘sv6hfak’

    JBA Natural Long Tube Headers (07-09 GT500) $749.95 $574.95
    Coupon Code: ‘jbanlth’

    Shelby 5-Speed Short Shifter (05-09 GT) $299.99 $229.95
    Coupon Code: ‘s5shift’

    Professional Products 70mm Satin Throttle Body (96-04 4.6L 2V) $139.99 $95.95
    Coupon Code: ‘pp70stb’

    Moroso Mustang Road/Drag Race Oil Pan - 5.0L (Fox Body) $419.99 $285.95
    Coupon Code: ‘mmrdrop’

    JBA Natural Shorty Headers (05-10 GT) $456.99 $299.95
    Coupon Code: ‘jbansh’

    Remember, these deals are available for forum members only! We have some other Mustang parts on our site clearance sale (which is available to everyone) that you can also checkout if you'd like: Clearance Sale @
  2. Man, I was hoping to see 05-09 Mustang GT Aluminum One Piece Driveshaft on this list :(

    But there are some really good deals here :nice: