Engine Found a 1966 coupe... Help!

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  1. Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions... I found the above car for a good price. It need some minor work at first like new suspension bushing, fan shroud hood springs etc. I did the following and here are the results:

    We let it idle for like 5-7 minutes before we drove it. Engine was strong and tranny shifted well and going from P to N to Drive was nice and tight. When I hit the gas it went! All lights inside and out work. It has a new EB intake and carb. When we returned I noticed the temp a little on the high side. I then popped the hood and noticed a little white smoke/vapor coming from the oil filler cap on the valve cover. I didn't see any type of smoke from the flow master pipes.

    Could this be caused from it running a little warm... Or is this a rebuild sign from bad rings etc! It has a flex fan and no fan shroud currently. If I decide to purchase it I will change fan and add shroud.

    I am going back to look at it again this afternoon so I would really appreciate any feed back.

    Also, how can I check easily to make sure oil and water are not mixing inside? Dipstick foam?

    Thanks in advance!

    Grace and Peace.

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  6. Sounds like it is worth pulling the valve cover and seeing how it looks as far as moisture or sludge. Is there any oil floating on top of the water in the radiator?
  7. I will check the radiator this afternoon. What about checking the dipstick? What would the mixture sign look like?

    Thanks for the response.
  8. if there is water in the oil it will appear milky or even foamy on the stick.
    it so pull a valve cover you will know right a way if there is an internal water leak,
    white milky sludge
  9. Don't go by the dipstick alone, it is immersed in oil, so there may not be moisture indicated.

    You know a compression test on this engine would be a good idea too.
  10. Always, always, always...use a fan shroud. Otherwise your hardly pulling any air through your radiator core.