Found a Garrett A/R .53 in a trash can

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  1. Pics ...


    We believe it's from a Saab that used to be in the driveway down the street. But anyways, how exactly do I determine if it's got shaft play? I'm sure it's shot being that it was in a trash can but still. If it's worth rebuilding I might try and do so.

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  2. Jiggle the shaft by hand? That's how i checked the one i got from the junkyard.
  3. Forgive me? What/where is the hand?
  4. Hell, look at all the oil on the compressor wheel...

    Anyway you just hold on to the end of the shaft where the nut is on the compressor wheel and wiggle it back and forth.
  5. The impeller spins but doesn't wiggle ... and there's ah, some, oil inside the housing.
  6. That last shot shows it being a Garrett GT-17.

    A GT-17 is not exactly a large turbo by 2.3T standards. I have a GT-15 and it's tiny;


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  7. Right, my buddies and I didn't see it as a big turbo, we were more concerned with it's condition (or lack thereof).
  8. I'd say eBay it.
  9. My buddy or I are going to keep it.
  10. Probably just got bad oil seals...

    The "what/where is the hand" comment cracked me up...I hope it was a joke.
  11. There looks to be plenty of oil in the exhaust side of the turbo, I think we're going to rebuild it. Stinger - I was half joking, I'm not very familiar with any of this turbo stuff other than having seen them on here/TF; I've never worked on one and hell, this is the first time I've ever held one.
  12. I actually just saw one identical to that in a JY by my house and thought of this It really is a tiny little thing.