Found a project mustang - I blame Warhorse Racing for this


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Jul 2, 2005
I've been wanting to get into autocross for awhile now & came across Warhorse Racing on youtube, scrolling through the site I found out he post's here as well so that's a bonus.

Came across this '96 GT auto in Forest Green locally & think it should be a good base for the car. Tempted to just wait till I got the car before I posted, but i'm pretty excited about getting into a mustang again. Last stang I owned was a silver '98 GT that I had converted to manual TKO 500.

Price is $800, but I plan to make a trade for it. Owner said he bought it from a friend with plans to use the wheels & brakes for another project but changed his mind. He mentioned that the cables were reversed on the battery when taking off the trailer so it doesn't run but will turn over. Show's only a 100k miles on the odo, but with those things going out so often on these cars I won't know if it's true or not.

Said to have 3.73 gears installed, exhaust, and from the pic a cold air intake. The cobra hood is a nice touch for the price. I asked about rust & he said there is a spot of it in the trunk, most likely due to a bad seal & sitting for long. Looks to have Eagle Alloy wheels.

If I can get it running I might drive it as is on the weekends for a bit or just sell the engine/trans/seats to get funds for upgrading. This will be a very long term project so don't plan to daily drive it. Just really need a car to fiddle with while I build up funds for a new engine/trans.

1996 Mustang GT 01.jpg
1996 Mustang GT 05.jpg
1996 Mustang GT 04.jpg
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