Found And Purchased A 14 Track Pack

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  1. Im now the proud owner of a base no option black on black track pack gt. This car looks menacing. I have put about 150 miles on it in the last two days. ( its about to storm so I guess I'll write not drive LOL ) I can see why some folks put a different bushing or shifter in. Its ok but smother would be better.Two more things I noticed are the floor and trans hump area by your feet gets a little warm. Also when shifting the trans makes lunking noises sometimes. Now if I try to shift as smoothly as possible its ok,no noise. Im not new to manuals ,54 year and currently own a jeep tj with a five speed. Do any of you 13/14 owners feel and here this clunky sound at all with your six speed? ( I hope this is normal ) Cant wait to get her broke in. So far even shifting at no more than 5000 rps this car is a riot to drive. I love the handling. Just firm enough to give you a great feel but not jarring on the crap roads here in the motorcity.
  2. Congrats! I've got a different trans, so can't comment to your shifting questions.

  4. I will try to take some pics soon. Im using my smart phone as my kids crashed the computer for the last time! Can I add pics from my cell?
  5. congratulations. I have a 13 GT track pack in black (added some silver stripes sort of 69 Boss) and with I think every conceivable option. Having the Boss 302 exhaust side pipes added with electric cut outs (pick up tomorrow). Love driving the thing.

    I'm just about 60 with too many years on manual boxes (started at age of 10 on a 54, 3 & half ton GMC with a split axle hauling hay and grain). This manual box is one that I so far have found requires a lot of practice. Forcing it and inaccurate rapid shift attempts are fails. Practice (after 5 K Kms I am just starting to get the hang of it). I found that it is best to relax, don't grab the shift lever, lay your little finger / side of your hand on the consol and just use your finger tips to pull it from 1st to 2nd. 2nd to 3rd is real easy you can just poke it with the tip of your bird finger and it goes or with your hand on the console and the base of the shift lever in the web of your hand between thumb and 1st finger just push up from 2nd to 3rd letting the shifter naturally progress through the neutral area. 3rd to 4th is finger tips straight back and let the shifter find its own way. 4th to 5th and 5th to 6th no problem. I struggle mainly with 1st to 2nd and coordinating the clutch of all the stupid things!

    The performance truck guys have eschewed manual boxes and run the autos. I think the next gen the autos in the cars are going to be the way to go - you can't out perform the machine when set up right.
  6. Congrats. Good find. Black/black base GT+ track pack and Recaros here but I had to order mine.

    Yep, mine clunks a lot more than I would like too. Sure runs great though!
  7. Well thanks for the replies , and the advice. I will try and practice the new methods. I jisg got back from a 1/2 tank ride. The roads were Farley new with alot of curves and hills and dips. Its the most fun ive had in a long time. This car was made for this, awsome.
  8. Miner: have you pulled the clutch assist spring? Great mod, slightly increases pedal effort, but makes friction point much more natural. Lots of Boss and Shelby guys are pulling them. Made my car feel much more natural.