Found some Granada's

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  1. Update: I approached the farmer and he wanted $200 per car for the spindals only. Crazy old coot. I found another car at a local salvage yard and I plan to go get the spindles this weekend if the weather holds out.

    I just found three Granadas two 1979 and one 1980, all have front disc brakes. A farmer has a yard with about 25 old cars and none have been stripped for parts, I want to make an offer but have no idea of the value for the front disc setups. All of the cars are have under 90K on them. Any suggestions on what to offer him?? :shrug:

    Can anyone tell me what to look for in the wear dept? I am pulling at least one for myself for the 68'converted. Anyone else?? Also, what is the grocery list of parts when I do go pickin' Can I use the rear discs? can I use the entire rear end? Thanks for the assist.

    I also have a nice 302 from the vert and I do not know what to do with it???
  2. What you are really needing from the Granadas is the spindles and maybe sheilds. Calipers are rebuildable, but other than that, rotors, bearings, pads should all be discarded and replaced with new.

    I paid $50 for mine and I thought that was a reasonable price.

  3. Thanks, slim this time of day. I guess there are not that many snowbound landscapers enjoying the afternoon today.
  4. I would possibly be interested in one of the master cylinders off one of the Granadas. Let me know if you can get one. I would say those spindles usually go for $50-$100 dollars.
  5. under $100 should be fair, lemme know if you get more sets than you need. i am looking for a good set.
  6. It is snowing today but should be dry on the weekend. I will keep you posted on the results. First come first serve, I will keep you guys at the front of the list and let you know when I post in the classified's forum. :nice:

    I also wanted to know about the complete rear end... anyone.

    thanks, I may even post a new thread come to think about it....
  7. The set off the 80 model will be unusable on an early Stang, that will be a fox-body Granada. Do NOT discard the rotors, they may just be usable. Out of the 5 sets I sold the other day, three sets had good rotors. I just aquired another set from a Versailles and it's got good rotors too. Measure the thickness of them, if they're .750 or thicker, they're good. I sold the good rotor sets for $100. $75 for the sets that needed rotors. I shipped them via UPS. Shipping weight for spindles,calipers and rotors will be 100 lbs. 60 lbs w/o rotors.
  8. Check the rearends, some Granadas and Monarchs also came with 9" rears, some with and without discs. Most though had 8" rears that are direct replacements for 65-66 Stangs, good for those who are converting 6 cylinder cars to V8's.
  9. Thanks, You said a direct repl. for 65-66... How about on the 68 convert.? Is anything a truely direct bolt in? How about tie rod ends? should I grab those too? or is it better to go new?
  10. The 8 inch rears will fit the 67-70's too, they'll just be a little narrower ( good for bigger wheels and tires) Tie rod ends are relatively cheap, I recommend replacing them, But if the old ones are tight and have no slack in them, you can get by with em in a pinch. Easiest way to remove the spindles is with a torch, cut the upper and lower arms just behind the ball joint, cut the sway bar link bolts, and the strut rods then the drag link, just past the adjuster sleeve for the tie rod ends. Then either take the brake hose loose ( if you think they might be good ) or just cut em with a heavy serrated knife. Oh and unless you've got a fork lift, have fun playin in the snow :D :nice:

  11. That's what I call an abrupt technique :rlaugh: I think the farmer will want me to do it in the less invasive manor. Snow in Colorado melts almost as fast as it falls. Should be dry by the weekend. My 8" limited slip w/ 3.0 gears is real solid now and since I am not putting any more than 300 HP thru it I think it will hold up. Will probably do the conversion on Ultrastangs site?? I think it is his...