Found them!!! Now please choose!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ok found the cake toppers guys!!!! Now could some of you PLEASE pick which one is the best...PLEASE......The last one says it is a 2006..but it doesnt look like one..dunno. (I have to choose by tom.!!)
    Thank You
    * Hope it works!!*



  2. dont see anything. Email them to me at [email protected] and Ill host the pics for you.
  3. How about now?
  4. Yeah works now
    Def not a 06. maybe a 96.
  5. ok which one?
  6. I like sketch 2 the blue cobra.
  7. What year car does he have
  8. me no have hotmail :(
  9. he has several, but i'm afraid if I list them, then he will see this and KNOW it's me, ([email protected]) and do you have to have hotmail to see these? I will and forward it to 5.0 droptop and see what he can do.. is that last one just a 6 cyl. it looks like it...I dont want some slow car on my wedding cake!! LOL!! I'm just kidding ya'll
  10. The white one is a slow one. LOL
  11. Ok, I'm gonna go with the slow one..LOL! I really dont think he is into the older styles...but thank You----
  12. Have you considered getting a diecast and setting up there> One that look like his car
  13. yeah, I did but I thought it might be too heavy..? the cake lady said she'd go and look for a 2006. So we will see? But thanks-
  14. If you know someone that can do it, you might be able to get a plastic model made of like a 93 cobra... You can buy the kit for about 15 bucks, but someone's gotta put it together and paint it.
  15. yeah, i think he would REALLY like that kind... I think he just really likes anything thats a Cobra..
    Wonder if he has came across this thread or not he was just on here!? hehe!!
  16. I got 4 or 5 matchbox sized fox body mustangs... 3 of em 93 cobras.. Johnny Lightining and Real Rides makes em.