Found this today... Im not pleased...***New PA Law***

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  2. Thank god my car is registered to West Virginia...we have very few laws (no emissions for example). My list of states I don't want to live in are now PA, CA, and VA. All three of those are ****es about modifications.

    If they started pullin that B.S. in WV, I would move to a different state before I would give in.
  3. They are going after the grape fruit shooter's LOL!
  4. Ernan, I think this is old news as it was posted on the boards a few months ago, I believe they already voted on it if I'm not mistake. I sent an email out to everyone I knew in PA about it urging them to call/fax opposing the idea.

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  6. It was new news to me, so is this true or not ???
  7. I think they amended it somewhat... but I dont know if they passed it either..
  8. I was curious about the bill, and found the entire contents of it on the PA Legislature website:

    Perhaps this is an amended version, but it says nothing about forcing you to keep stock exhaust. It specifically says headers and side exhaust is allowed as long as the dB max isn't exceeded. You can't have cut-outs, though.

    It reads as a basic "quiet exhaust" law.