Fox Fox As A Daily Driver?

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  1. How many of you guys drive your Fox as your primary transportation? What would you change if you could?

    I'm very seriously looking to sell my Taurus SHO, and pick up a Fox body as a daily driver, and then buy a new stang this fall as a legacy car to match my fastback.

    There's a few 5.0 foxes around here in md for sale but I think I would be better off with a 2.3L that's in decent shape as a daily driver. I commute 40 miles one way about 15 days a month.

    Is it possible to find a decent 4 banger Fox for a couple grand that doesn't need money thrown at it to be a daily driver? LOL

  2. Great advice, thanks for the contribution...
  3. If your commute is under 8 miles round trip go for it. Otherwise unless you want to soend every waking moment diagnosing and correcting nickel and dime issues that will snowball quickly if not taken care of I would sell the sho and use that as a down payment on that legacy car.
  4. So the Fox body cars really are bad for daily drivers! That's not really what I wanted to hear...
  5. It's a labor of love. It's not like picking up a beater escort and running the wheels off of it. Unless is a car you truly desire to own pass on it.
  6. Only DD a fox if you have to. Same goes for any 20 yr old car/truck.
  7. I do have other cars for backup, just was hoping to find a Fox to ease my mustang addiction on a daily basis... without daily driving my fastback
  8. pics of the SHO!
  9. I DD my foxbody convertible everyday and I love it. My commute is very short though but I drive around town quite a bit. For a long commute I can imagine it would be a little tougher though. I actually get decent gas mileage too when I keep my foot out of it. I drove an automatic SUV before my mustang and I enjoy the fox much more. Just my opinion though.
  10. I Dd a 20 year old wrangler in stock trim and it's bullet proof. But it was also made a lot better than any mustang of the same era.
  11. Here's the SHO
  12. What exactly would be the point of daily driving a 4cyl fox? Foxes are fun cars, but they aren't great cars. Take 4 cylinders away and you are left with pretty much nothing.

    At least if you can burn the tires off it, the ride could be entertaining. But with a 4 banger, those tires would probably last until dry rot.

    I really don't see how you could do from that taurus to a fox and still be happy. Keep the taurus and add a few hundred hp to your fastback.
  13. I DD my fox 50 miles round trip, 5 days a week. Stykthyn with the hot avatar is right. I have to fix everything as it comes up, and on a 20+ y/o car it can get expensive if you use good quality parts.

    I love driving it though.
  14. i dd my fox for years in traffic... about the time you're replacing the front of engine hang on "stuff" the second or third time you fall out of love real fast... work all day and wrench at night...

    im finally back in love but its not my dd...

    the sho looks nice keep until you can get the stang you want...
  15. He's 100% accurate.

    They're not bad, it's that the youngest fox body is now over 20-years-old. Old cars = old car problems.
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  16. I'm hoping to find a Fox I can dd and keep going, partly to keep mileage down on the 15 stang I'm prolly gonna buy. Then in ten years when my boy is old enough we'll build the Fox into a monster for him to enjoy.
  17. If by chance you go 4cyl etc, get it in a vert, girlfriend one time had one and it made the 4cyl have a place in life.
  18. I dd'd mine until May of 2013 and was just tired of stupid little :poo:. In the last year of dd duty I replaced the gas cap, IRCM, TFI, starter, starter relay, positive battery cable, & ignition switch. That being said, the 2.3's can run forever - mine has 138k & runs great but I don't think I could ever dd the thing again.

    btw, HI n8r! long time!
  19. Do we know each other teal?