Fox Fox As A Daily Driver?

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  1. 1. Any fox mustang is 20+ years old
    2. A 4cyl mustang is like buying a blow up doll and calling it your girlfriend- not the real thing
    3. You are never going to keep a mustang stock. never. So that DD will soon not become the DD as you start to monkey with it.
    4. The SHO is so much better comfort and amenities for a DD.
  2. Obviously the SHO is a bandanas car and an awesome dd, but it's getting traded this fall or sold and being replaced by a 2015 stang.

    And yes, I agree you can't keep a stang stock. I can't leave anything stock.
  3. I daily drove my 80 for 8 years, until 5 months ago when I got a 84. Just as everyone else says, its a constant maintenance battle. Plus some stranded times

    But I still love it
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  4. I love my Fox, because I don't DD it.
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  5. i drive my fox daily. no issues with it.
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  6. I could Dd mine if I had to. I did last year, but that's only because I have spent a significant amount of time and money fixing all the little things. Ford's electronics was never meant to last more than 15-20 years. Plastics abd contacts break down. Vacuum systems fall apart. Rubber dry rots abd needs replacing. Like I said in a previous post, these cars are a labor of love.

  7. Same here.

    I recall times when I've driven it and thought "If I had to drive this all the time I'd be miserable"

    I'm gonna pull the snob card for a second. My daily driver is a '12 Mercedes.
  8. I drove a merc for a while and it was a super sweet ride, but I just missed driving a car that you had to drive. Not an electronically assisted machine where you were basically along for the ride. Saying this I only have a 7 mile round trip commute. If I had to log any real miles then my opinion would definitely change.
  9. I wish I had a 7 mile round trip. Mine is 55 miles round trip to work.

    Crusing at 90MPH in total silence is just awesome
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  10. I love mine lots, but for my current DD uses its just not practical, with hauling kids and DC area traffic (it's a manual).. Ugh!

    I'm really lucky that I can't remember when my stang has let me down or stranded me anywhere. But not being a DD, that really just might be luck. My main knock against a fox body though as a DD is it's handling in poor weather. I don't know if I just haven't found the right tire combination or what? But my 'stang is literally deadly in the wet! It's back end will spin out or slip away at the drop of a hat, and that's with just stock power, me being careful with it, and having a heavy toolbox permanently in my truck to add extra weight back there. For that reason alone I wouldn't use it as a DD. I'm just not wanting to die just yet!

    One thought I have considered at times, however, was merely related to the cost of new cars. At $25k+ to buy a 1/2 decent new car, for spending significantly less than that I feel pretty confident in replacing enough parts to turn my fox into a reliable DD. One with some 'tude! Here in VA, also, we pay less tax overall, but instead pay property tax on our vehicles. Having a 20+ yr old 'stang is a good way to pay almost no property tax. Maybe when I get rid of the rugrat (any takers..), retire and move someplace a little drier I will use it as my DD. Like I said above, for a fraction of the cost of a new car I would expect to be able to get it in tip top, totally reliable shape.. And it will still turn heads..
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  11. Mine handles great in the wet but then again I've put 315 series tires in the back. It takes work to get the back end to act up now.
  12. That's great! I'm also in the D.C. area, I drive from southern md up to Andrews for my commute.
  13. Some years back I had some work for the Navy once a week down in Dahlgren, Va. About 60 miles for me. Whenever possible I would drive the 'stang down there for my commute, across into Md, down 210, to 301 then over the Henry Nice bridge. It was the perfect commute.. Against traffic. Back roads. Few towns to drive through. Few lights. My wife never understood why I looked happy and relaxed when I returned home. A commute worthy of stretching the 'stang's legs.
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  14. Traffic isn't too bad for me really, but I do hit some every now and then
  15. keep the SHO. Never mention Fox as DD again, unless its very very short trip.
  16. Who are we kiddin boys, we all know the fox will become a toy and the Taurus will be the family truckster. When he said he had an sho did y'all think he was referring to like a '90 model as I did?
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  17. How bout the Hampton Bay Bridge?
  18. DONT FORGET THE A/C , most or some off our fox are in need of a/c and heat ^^
  19. I spent over 13 years commuting in a fox convertible; 75 miles round trip daily in Southern California. I moved to SLC, Utah last year & still drive it daily. Only difference; I now have a spare set of phone dials with all season radials that I swap on in the winter. My 2 cents: as long as you stay on top of the regular maintenance & don't let the "expendables" get too old; it makes a fine daily driver that turns heads wherever you go. Expendables meaning the ignition module, fuel pump, & anything that wears out over time In My Humble Opinion.... ;)
  20. Different bridge entirely.. going a different place. Though actually.. I'm not sure which bridge you're talking about? There's the Chesapeake Bay Bridge heading out to the Eastern shore. And there's the Hampton Roads Tunnel Bridge down in Norfolk? I only do that one when traveling down to the Outer Banks in NC.

    Like I said though, taking the 'stang for a nice long "commute" on country back roads was something I used to actually look forward too. Never really worried about the stang stranding me somewhere. Now you guys have gotten me all paranoid :hide: