Fox Body And Window Louvers?

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  1. ^^^those are stock buddy... came on 79-86 cars.
  2. ROFL there are ┬╝window louvers now. There where aluminum rear louvers in 79-86 but I doubt those(On the red car) are old 79-86 louvers. THey look too much like the plastic ones. It'd probably help if I could see a close up picture, but They look like the new aluminum louvers. I think and without looking at my set, the 79-86 louvers have 12 slats not six. They are also hindged and have prop rods.
  3. ┬╝window louvers?

    I'd like to see a pic
  4. I agree they can have an odd appearance to those who are against them, but when you find the right ones they're not so bad. I had a Capri many years ago that I had the side rear window louvers on... I can't find them now, but I want to put them on my 81 mustang SB. Is there anyone who has a valid resource or link out there?? REGARDLESS of opinion about them. Thanks...
  5. if you want to put louvers on a hatch the best looking and stock looking ones ever made were by cragar and they made a set for gt and lx and the lx hatch had the extra louver and looked great on both the gt and lx.old thread but i thought i would respond in case anyone were looking to put these on their car.heck if i can find ones specifically for an lx i would put these on my car.
  6. 75014_icon?&$200thumb$ heres a pic of em. i'll post a pic of them on my mustang when i get them
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  7. I'd have to see a picture of those on a Fox before I'd commit $150 to buying them.
  8. I had a set of rear window louvers on the back of my Mustang 20 years ago. They were painted the same color as my car and to me did not look too bad. For some reason they blew right off my car doing over 120 mph and I have been without every since.
  9. I'm from MA too...even i kinda wondered for a sec how you meant that.
  10. Here are metal ones :)
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  11. The red gt up top looks good with louvers I'll admit but, doesn't it give off the 80's redneck/Joe dirt kind of vibe? Like 80's camaros with mullet having owners?
    Louvers were all the rage 2 decades ago I think...
  12. Kinda needs bullitt wheels to make it work

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  13. Right after I bought my first fox new from the dealer back in 91, i also bought the metal rear louvers right from the Ford parts counter and they came in a Ford box. White GT, white powdercoated pony wheels, white louvers and black a$$ tinted windows. Man I was all Miami Vice!! :banana:
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  14. everyone here in town has bullitt wheels and I hate them. I love these but to each there own just like my hood i havent found a single person in town that likes it.
    thats old pic i havent put the cobra bumper, tail lights on yet i already put the spoiler
  15. What ! Side louvers ? I wonder what they look like on.
    Well here is my answer, i wish it wasn't in camo, so i can really see what it looks like. But i don't think it covers the entire window.

  16. haha wow old post! Some old names in it for sure! What happened to everyone?

    Camo SVO...i don't know how to feel about that. Not really digging those louvers either. They look good on the back of a hatch though!
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  17. Digital camo paint job? Wtf? I kinda want to see pics of that entire car now

    Hatch louvers...ok. Side window louvers? Nah. Btw here's a pic of the dealer optioned louvers you could get in the 80s

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  18. Today on Foxbody Mustang on FB
    Gotta luv that look.

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  19. I don't care, ugly or not I still want a set for my rear hatch
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