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  1. What exactly is the difference between a 5.0 and a "Cobra" 5.0?
  2. wider tire to tire, gt40 crate motor for 93, bigger brakes, world class t5, bigger rim size, 255lph fuel pump, 24# injectors vs our 19, cobra intake upper and lower, gt40 heads, factory underdrive pulleys, that is about it i belive for the proformance end of it
  3. if your in canada, or a domestic ricer, (or both!) a stickers the only difference

    otherwise, for the limited edition 93's, see the above post =)
  4. Just in the motor?

    5.0 has H.O intake.
    Cobra has well... Cobra intake.
    5.0 has E7te heads.
    Cobra has GT40 irons.
    5.0 has stamped steel 1.6 rockers.
    Cobra has alum. 1.72 roller rockers.
    5.0 has a cam.
    Cobra does too, but different... less aggressive I've heard.
    5.0 has 55mm MAM.
    Cobra has 70mm MAM.
    5.0 has 60mm TB.
    Cobra has 65mm TB.
    5.0 has 19lb injectors.
    Cobra has 24lb injectors.
    5.0 EEC is programmed to run stock electronics with 19 lb injectors.
    Cobra EEC is programmed to use stock electronics with 24lb injectors.

    Maybe more.
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  5. :nice::nice::nice::nice::nice::nice::hail::hail::hail::hail: thanks for the info.!!!!!!
  6. Cobra computer is said to be a tad less aggressive :shrug:
  7. It is, it's a total piece of crap.
    It always kills me to see someone converting their regular mustang to a cobra computer and maf setup.

    There is a reason why stock lx's or gts can keep up with and even outrun a stock 93 cobra with just gears and pulley's.
    That computer and mass air meter.

    With the much better parts on the cobra it shouldn't even be close.
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  8. The Cobra is Canadian :D
  9. You are exactly right! I have always felt that those cars were under powered for a Cobra. I have first hand experience with the difference in power of the '93 Cobra versus my '88 GT vert.
    I've mentioned before in other threads, I'm the original owner of my vert. Been playin with this car for alooong time. Anyway, a good high school friend of mine bought himself a brand new '93 Cobra. It became his goal in life to be faster than me.

    Everywhere we went together we took separate cars. LOL Not one time did he in his Cobra ever outrun me in my '88 GT vert. Not from a dig. Not from rolling highway speeds. Not even on top end. Believe me raced alot .LOL
    There were times that we switched cars, he drove mine, I drove his. I could not outrun my car while driving his Cobra.

    In those days my car was still "Speed Density". It was still sporting 2.73 gears. It was wearing stock 15" Turbines. The only mods it had at that time was a K&N filter in the stock box. A removed intake bell from the inner fender and 3 chamber Flowmasters welded into the stock exhaust.

    He later sold that car because it would not outrun my vert. LOL
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  10. So it seems from the old '93 cobra v.s. '93 camaro was magazine shootout was flawed from the start. We almost took down that new 4th generation with a bad set up to start with hahaha!!
  11. Ya know funny you mentioned that. I tried racing a few of those back in the day. LOL
    I could not outrun that generation of Camaro. Those things would FLY!

    Go figure:shrug:
  12. They might not have been stock...
  13. The camshaft is rumored to be the same cam that came in the 93-95 Thunderbird 5.0. Not 100% however.

    The cobra motor is a good motor choked by emmissions requirements. Install a good cam, and a good tune, and you can get some good potential out of that engine.

    240HP was a joke when ford racing sold the same crate motor rated at 275HP.
  14. Simply converting the computer to an a9l with a 75mm pro m calibrated for 24's picks up a ton of power.
    You can get to more to the wheels than it was rated at the flywheel.
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