Fox Body Convertible Interior Quarter Panel And Seat Belts

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  1. When recently attempting to swap the quarter trim in my 90 fox convertible I unfortunately discovered noone makes reproduction interior quarter panels for for the 90-93, only for the 79-89. That bummed me out because all the junk yard pieces I found were in worse shape than mine. The 79-89 ones wont work in the 90-93 because the seat belts are a totally different design and are mounted way different.

    I looked into using 79-89 seat belts, but that too was a no-go as the mounting points were totally different as there was no way without major fabrication to make them fit, and there was no way that the 79-89 panels would fit in my 90-93.

    Along with being crappy looking, the 90-93 panels are wider which limits how far you can recline your seats as well and being 6'5, that too was a major downside to the 90-93 interior panels.

    So with all that being said, I made a seat belt relocator kit that allows you to use 79-89 interior quarter trim in a 90-93 convertible. It is a very simple bolt in-kit that requires no welding or fab work. Since I was so happy with the results and I have to imagine there are more people than me who wishes there was an off the shelf solution (none currently exists!) I was curious if I mass produced this kit if there would be many people out there who would buy it.

    I think I can make and sell them for between $99 and $149 ea. Based on that, is there anyone out there who would interested? I didnt want to go through the time and expense if there werent any takers.

    If thats something you or someone you know could use, drop me a line!
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  3. Umm, is that implying that there is a problem with this thread? Seemed liked the right place to get feedback on a fox related item. Unless you have struggled with trying to fix or find 90-93 panels you cant appreciate what a frustrating problem it is. It will cost me over $1000 to have my home made mounts professionally prototyped for mass production and I would really like to know if there are many others with the same problem to know if its worth doing.
  4. dont even hint that you want to sell anything outside of the classified sections. other than that you have a great idea. I think you if you reword your original post and add some pics it could be very helpful to our vert owners. I remember when I had my verts finding interior parts in good condition was near impossible.
  5. Well I definitely dont have anything for sale, just the one kit I made for my own use. I was only hoping to gauge interest before embarking on the tedious and expensive path to reproduce them. I figured if enough people were interested id file the patent application and start putting up photos and pricing online to market them. If only like 10 people were hot for them I could make them by hand. If I ended up with 100, id have to look into a prototype and fab shop.

    No sales here, just trying to see if there are other vert owners with the same problem as I had!
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