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  1. so i just bought a 87 lx and i want to put a more throaty exhaust but all the websites i look at say the same thing... i was hoping you guys could give me your input on what and what not to buy. i plan on buying a full system from the block back. i would really appreciate brands and different set ups that you have and like
  2. What is your
    use of car?

    You essentially just walked into a bar and said "give me a drink".
  3. everyone is going to have different opinions about the various exhausts out there so keep that in mind as well also what kind of emissions requirements does your state have?
  4. do it once, longtube headers, h pipe and mac flow paths. Great power, sound and affordability. search the classifieds and you'll find it all
  5. I'm running BBK longtubes with a matching H-pipe and a pypes m80 catback. It is quiet at cruise, nasty at idle, and crazy loud when whipping on it. This is behind my 347 though, not sure if it would sound the same on a 302.
  6. Mine has shorty bbk's into h-pipe w/flowmasters and no cats, idle isn't bad, nailing it can get loud with some r's it sounds nasty and racey.
  7. setup is 302 with gt 40 heads and intake
    budget isnt of concern for me
    and i will be using it as a street car that gets mild track use on weekends.
    this is my first real car and im going to be slowly upgrading just about everything and playing around with it...
    my plans for it are getting around 350-400 horse and to be more of a toy than a daily driver and to sound like it
  8. i also live in WA so i dont have to go thru emissions anymore and want it to sound as mean as it can with a 302 with some bolt-ons.. thats all
  9. My set up is similar.

    BBK 1 5/8 ceramic coated Full Lengthes
    2 1/2" off road H-pipe
    2 1/2" cat back with Pypes "Race Pro" mufflers.

    Throaty and docile at cruise and out right retarded a WOT. So much so, that I'm seriously considering welding in a set of cats. Kinda "raspy". Still sounds bad ass though. This is behind a H/C/I 331.

    Gonna chop out the "H" section and weld in an "X" in it's place to see if it changes the sound any.

    Still...much quieter at cruise than my Raven's (Flowmaster 40-series knock offs). I don't get near the cabin drone that I used to.
  10. I've got BBK longtubes, BBK offroad H pipe, and 2 chamber flowmaster cat back with tail pipes and I LOVE the sound... Classic foxbody sound.

  11. Is there any benefit going to a 3" pipe or is the space too limited? and Gearbanger what's the difference between the H and X on the tech side? I could use new headers, mine look fairly old and noticed the PO welded a flange so guess any replacement pipes will entail the whole system going.... Kinda tossed between full length and shortys
  12. Classic Flowmaster "drone" too unfortunately. Man do I wish that wasn't the case though. Chambered mufflers sound so muscular.
  13. With the tailpipes it really doesn't drone much at all, but I'm pretty sure I've still got 2.73 gears so that might be the difference.
  14. Mine in 5th gear under load between about 1,800-2,200RPM was loud enough that you had to nearly yell at the person next to you in order to have a conversation.....and that was with the stock catted H-pipe. With an O/R H-pipe I can imagine it would have been just about unbearable.
  15. After some research I found out I have stock headers and h pipe but a 40 series flow master... I plan on doing unequal bbk shorties too a catless bbk h...
  16. That'll give her some bark. Keep some ear plugs handy for highway driving. :D

  17. Noticeable differences between short and long tubes? and what would be the difference between the X and H? i.e. operating range, etc...

  18. Mine don't get all that loud until in the 3k range or under heavy pedal shifting.....its's old setup, but don't sound bad in my opinion. Think the drone is minimal at worst, if at all. Biggest problem I have is smooth throttle response....basically jumps or don't, real hard to make a smooth accel from stop...
  19. Long tube tend to make things a tad louder, but most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference just by listening. They will always make more power however, due to their superior scavenging effect. H-pipes tend to be slightly deeper in tone, where X-pipes tend to raise the exhaust pitch slightly. Again though....depending on the exhaust components being used, many people probably won't be able to tell just by listening to it.

    X-pipes will always generate more power than a H-Pipe. While both set ups "balance" the exhaust pulses, only the X-pipe merge them together to improve scavenging. Basic Bolt on cars may not notice much of a difference between the two, but higher horsepower engines may see a 10-20hp difference.

    A good video reference for you to check out that explains the difference in more detail.

  20. That's funny, I was considering the same thing.