Fox Body Suspension?

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  1. Im in the market for suspension on my 90 mustang.. What are people using these days? My mustang is so stiff I cant stand it any longer!.. I will be using it mostly on friday nights and maybe a couple times a year at the strip. I do have a 5 lug conversion but not sure on what conversion it is. Disc in front and drum in rear. It does have rear lower control arms but again not sure who makes them, I can see the word gripper on them... I don't think it has uppers. As far as the front goes I think its stock k member with stock control arms.
  2. My winter project will be B springs and strange adjustables. Good streetable combo recommended by others here.
  3. All upr here in the rear... Qa1 k member up front. If i had the cash I'd have upr up front also
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  4. MM here just Adj. LCA's for now but torque arm/panhard setup coming soon.

    I've heard some not so great things about Strange shocks. I have a set on my car now and am contemplating selling them.... FWIW.
  5. The setup my buddy had that i thought was about perfect was a set of tokico illuminas front and rear and some eibach springs although I forget which springs they were. The car road like it was on rails. I prefer a firmer suspension so might not be what your looking for. I think everyone will have a different opinion of what a nice ride is so only your ass will be able to tell you what your perfect ride is. Just my $.02
  6. Our fox bodies are such a short wheel base that they ride a little rough. If you stick with the top name manufacturers you'll get solid equipment ie maximum Motorsports,UPR,TeamZ Motorsports etc. I personally don't like bbk and especially any generic/eBay crap. Fwiw eibach stuff is nice but they ride a little harsh but handle very well.
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  7. Strange struts had a tendancy to leak in the past if you drove them reguarly on the street. However, if yours aren't leaking, I wouldn't change them yet.

    I run the Tokicos with Steeda springs. It rides very hard, but that's the way I like it. Another recomendation for the KYB adjustables again. Those offer much better ride quality with a greater range of adjustment. The Strange struts/shocks are focussed on drag cars. Not sure if a drag setup is what you're looking for. As previously stated, they have a tendency to leak also.

  8. Supposedly they "fixed" their issues. I actually have them on my car. Installed last summer with eibach springs. No issues yet but have only driven the car maybe 1000 miles in that time. I'm switching over to coil overs in front/TeamZ rear suspension.
  9. Well if they start leaking let us know. I always recommend the QA1 struts for drag racing. Most of the QA1 stuff is arguably subpar compared to Strange Engineering, but their struts are pretty good. Originally they were Hal struts and QA1 just bought them out, so it's not a product they really develop and manufacture, just a business they happen to own.

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    • tokico shocks
    • H&R or Steeda Springs
    • MM control arms
    • poly isolators and sway bar links
    • MM full length subframe connectors
  10. I'm telling you, I have Steeda Springs with Tokicos. Rides hard as hell.

  11. my QA1's i had leaked pretty badly. thats why they needed rebuilt when i sold them. i got strange now
  12. Something must be wrong. I've had them on two cars and the ride is firm but far from a hard as hell. Did you use poly iso's? What setting do you have the shocks on. Are they the Super Sport or regular Sport springs as they have different rates.
  13. My intention is more road course-ish. I have put 1000 miles on my strange shocks in the past 2 two months. What's some signs of leaking shocks? I had them adjusted to about 6 clicks & they were firm but seem to have gotten a bit softer in time.
  14. How much space between the wheel and coils do you lose when running coils up front. My strut already seems super close to my wheel, I can't imagine a spring wrapped around it.
  15. ^^This! ;)
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  16. Haven't checked it out yet. Springs are still in the box. I've actually had this since late winter. I just haven't desired to start working on it. I'm going to redo my rearend/torque boxes/suspension and brakes. Guess I'm burned out.
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  17. I defintitle can relate. Ever since I swapped my old drivetrain on the new fox and my motor ended up losing compression in a cylinder. I've been burnt out as well. I'm sure @Sharad could answer the question.
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  18. I run eibach pros , same as ford b, i have KYB adjustable, I have it on hardest setting, gotta be 10 yrs, run stock ten holes. nice as when I installed. CC advised but not required..... runs tight but if you dont like feeling the road over the car, go with a lighter shock...

    Edit. My ride height is 24.75 and 26 inches front, rear.

    I love it on winding roads....
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  19. I thought pros were same as C springs?