Fox Body Suspension?

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  1. How well the car rides after a shock/spring install will largely depend on the wheel and tire package you're running as well.

    The guy running a 15" wheel with a quality tire is going to have a lot more side wall to absorb the rough stuff than the guy running 17" or 18" wheels and rubber bands for tires.

    My ride got considerably rougher when I went from the stock 16" Pony's with 225/55/16's on them to the short, narrow side wall 17x9" 255/45's and 17x10" 275/40's that are on it now.

    There's always a trade off. Looks and handling improved, but ride quality took a dump.
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  2. Pretty sure its B
  3. haha im gotta get with you soon. i need to check TDC on my motor and prob change the pointer.
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  4. On skinny front tires, it doesn't matter. With normal width front tires, we use 12" or shorter springs so the spring is up above the tire, not next to it.
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  5. Awesome, thanks for the response! How does running the shorter spring affect performance?
  6. Don't affect it at all really. It just locates the spring collar higher up the strut. Drag guys like really long soft springs, the idea is to have more "stored energy". I'd also read articles which dispute the effectiveness of that. Regardless, people typically go with 14-150 springs with skinnies or 12-250 with stock width or wider.
  7. Awesome thanks! Should I pm you about more detailed questions on various parts I'm interested in?
  8. Yea the short vs long spring thing is intresting... for ever everyone ran 14-175 springs. And I personally still do. Some guys try to run a softer spring and compress the hell out of it to get ride height up and run the strut tighter to control all the stored energy of the spring. While other guys run a heavier spring and looser on the strut

    In the end it's all about stored energy and the struts ability to control it. And then what each car wants and needs.
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  9. Yes, I have poly bushings. Full Steeda suspension.

  10. Lots of information ..
  11. Sure, anytime!