Fox Body With 315 40 17

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  1. Put a 315 on my car to check fit. I would have to pound in inner fender(didn't seem like it would have to move much), roll outer fender, and move exhaust pipe over bout .5 inch. Looked just to big and not necessary. Imo...

  2. 275 40 are plenty, and fit nicely on a 9" rim. With the correct offset, they will slap right on
  3. Isn't bigger better?:shrug: I like some wide meats on the rear personally
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  4. I think 275's or 295's are a sweet looking tire when checking out the A$$ end of a 5.0.
  5. I would have loved to go larger than my 275's, but I really wanted that IRS. They still look plenty wide. I'm happy with them.
  6. I've got 315's on mine,..........Wait,....I don't have a Mustang.

    Never mind.
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  7. 315 with a small minitub would be nice. :)
  8. 315s on mine. Having those fat steamrollers out back looks a lot nicer than an 9" wide tire.
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