Suspension Fox Daily Driver - Help Needed

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by TexasFireman, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Picked up another Mustang. Its a 92 GT.



    I bought it as a roller and dropped in a low mileage stock motor and a Tremec 3550 transmission.




    This car is going to be a DRIVER. I'm going to put some miles on this thing when I don't need my truck. AC/PS/CC, nice stereo, etc.

    With that said I'm trying to figure out suspension. The car already has full length subframe connectors, unknown struts and coilover conversion on the front, adjustable lowers (I think Granatelli), adjustable uppers, cheap rear shocks, 3:73 gears.




    I'm planning on either unloading the draglites and getting some different wheels/tires, or just getting rid of the runners on the front and going with a 6" instead of 3.5".

    So with all that said.....

    After searching and reading, and searching and reading...Looks like something in the 12-220 range for the coil overs, depending on strut choice.

    As much as I would like to throw the MaximumMotorsports catalog at it, its just not gonna happen.

    Looking for opinions on the suspensions stuff I already have and what would be a good compromise between budget and performance for a DAILY DRIVEN car.
  2. How does it ride? You test driven it yet?
  3. Oh yeah I've been driving it. It doesnt ride all that great lol. Looks like it has a cut coil on the rear and some cheap monroe shocks. I think the coils on the coilovers up front are too light. It floats pretty good and pretty harsh on a pothole or something (probably junk stock struts too).
  4. Sounds like you need shocks first. Then you'll have a better idea of where to go next. If it's floating then that's likely the shocks and not the springs.

    How a bout a set of Tokico Blues then see what it's like.
  5. True. When I get some time I'm pulling the front end apart and seeing for sure what all I have. Also going to go ahead and do control arm bushings and ball joints.

  6. Good time to look and see how well those Granatelli's are holding up too. :chin
  7. Something I should know?
  8. Tokico blues struts/shocks, good middle of the road ones. Did my fronts alraedy and soon will do the rear shocks. My car is a DD also :nice:
  9. The floating is definitely due to not enough rebound resistance in the struts. They're either shot, or they're drag struts (not much difference LOL). As for the rears, the springs don't look like they've been cut, unless the guy really took his time dressing up the cut end. But they don't have the factory-style tapered-flat pigtail, and the adjusters on the LCA's are almost as low as they can go. If the springs were cut short, the adjusters would likely be higher. So I'm guessing they're aftermarket springs, but who knows whose or what rates they are.
  10. Check the welds very close on those arms, then do a google search on those arms. I wouldn't run those on my car for what it's worth.
  11. Well I pulled one of the struts off this morning.

    Stock struts - Which I'm sure are toast
    12" Coils - no markings so I have no idea what rate they are
    No markings on the coilover conversion


  12. I'll check the springs when I pull them
  13. I'll do that, thanks for the info.

  14. They look like the top has been cut. I'll try to take a picture.
  15. man that beast looks awesome. I love the way welds look on aFox.