fox grill delete?

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  1. Anyone know if this is custom... random picture on my harddrive... always one of my favorites when it shows up on my screen saver, I've always just wondered if any company makes a grill delete kit like this? any more info on this car or whom it belongs to?

  2. There isn't really a kit. You just cut out the center bar of an LX grill and fill in the sides so it's smooth. Will require some body work and a repaint. So it's less of a grill delete and more of a bumper modification.
  3. Looks stupid
  4. looks...empty?
  5. To me, it looks like a poor man's 93 Cobra grille. I kinda like it.
  6. I prefer the actual '93 cobra grill.

    A mustang needs a pony in the grill.
  7. Looks sort of like an '85-86 grill....looks badass. Which by the way, didn't have a pony in it.
  8. I don`t want no pony on my grill, looks best on a pinto or v6 car.
    I also like the 85-86 nose thats why my 80 looks like an 85:D
  9. Looks uncluttered :nice:
  10. I considered doing this a year or two ago, but I can't think of a way to patch/fill the leftover mess after hacking out the center bar with anything that won't crack or flake on a flexible bumper. :shrug:
  11. I thought you could buy a patch kit for flexable bumpers.
  12. kinda like it, if you really want a pony in the middle theres probably a way to rig it up.
  13. I have had good luck with SEM. Available at most auto body supply stores. Here is a link.

    SEM Products - Catalog
  14. I think that was the stuff that the body shop used to fill a chip on my bumper... You might even get away with a fiberglass boat repair kit?
  15. Like a four-eyed, it needs the Ford emblem on the front! :)

    Otherwise, people may mistake it for a GM. If that happened, then the car would be towed to the junkyard because it's no longer supported by it's manufacture, and the owner would be executed for being an idiot for ever buying a car made by a poorly run company. :D

    For reference, how the front of a four-eye looks:

    And, for easy comparison, the other car
  16. Or you could stick one of the SN95 style running pony emblems in there... that would probably look nice.
  17. Yes, but how exactly would one go about attaching it? Make a bracket to mount it to the underside of the front edge of the hood? :scratch:

    I kinda like the plain, simple look without a pony there.

  18. It wouldn't be all that difficult to fab up a mounting bracket.
  19. it is however, nice to see that this person didn't hack up an original bumper cover...

    i dont mind anyone hacking up repro-bumper covers...


    I like it... it's clean and simple.
  20. it kinda works with that coupe, little racey, cool. Somethin different!