Fox Mustang Fabricated Console Cup Holders

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  1. I fabricated Cupholders into a factory console. I have it on ebay type 93 mustang fabricated Cupholders
  2. Let me know what you think!
  3. Pics do better here.
  4. Here's 1 pic

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  5. 2 more

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  6. Center it in there a little better (to avoid that lip overhang on the ebrake handle side), and it looks like you have a good set up.
  7. Thank you I appreciate your opinion. It's a good point. I can shift them over.
  8. Yeah, little more centered but it's a good set up as mentioned.
  9. When I did mine I moved the 12V outlet so that it is still useable.
  10. How does one learn to do this, is it plastic, fiberglass??
  11. I'd love to know where the black cup holders themselves come from.... I have a console armrest cup holder & the plastic cup has issues....
  12. Poker table drop in cup holders. :nice:
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  14. Man I wish any part of the four eye console had room for cup holders. I always have to stick my beer between my legs, and then it just gets warm and that sucks.
  15. drink faster
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  16. When I did my cupholders I used Fiberglass for strength and then a minimal amount of body filler to smooth any imperfections, you can practice on junk stuff first if you lack confidence. You can see where I moved the 12V Outlet to, the original wires reached without having to extend them.

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  17. Beautifully done!
  18. very nice Shakerhood, what did you use for size template?
  19. nice job on cup holders guys if i didnt rebuild ask tray kit i would buy this