Fox Mustang Fabricated Console Cup Holders

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  1. Not quite sure what you are asking but I got those cupholders out of a damaged console at the junkyard that looked to be about the correct size.
  2. didnt you have a writeup a while ago?
  3. Yes, I did do a write up a few years back when I fabbed it all up. I was just going through my picture library and for some reason I am missing a few pics from the build up, go figure.
  4. Neat ideas guys!

    Here's mine

    Been working great for years.:nice:
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  5. between the ebrake and passenger seat for me.....
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  6. Been there done that too.
  7. Yep, me too. But, I know I need to come up with a better solution because its only a matter of time until I dump Coke all over my carpet. :fuss:
  8. That's the reason I fabbed mine up.
  9. ya hand brake seat cushion wedge = coffee all over the console and carpet...

    shakerhood i thought you fabbed the entire piece, i now get you cut them from a jy donor and molded them in
  10. Correct, I cut cupholders out of a broken console from the JY and then cut out the ashtray section and grafted it in place.
  11. And does this JY console come out of a particular model of vehicle?
  12. I honestly don't know what vehicle the donor cupholders came from, I got them from a broken console they had laying around, it looked to be about the right size and the price was cheap.
  13. Shakerhood nice work. Where do you purchase the fiberglass?

    I used the factory ashtray door and shaved off the lip that opens it. Gives it a nice clean look.
  14. You can buy Fiberglass in just about any parts store, you also need to buy fiberglass mat which is a tight weave cloth, it gives strength to what you are fabbing.
  15. buddy wants one of these cup holders. Are you still making them. LMK
  16. Keep the requests for services limited to PM's, otherwise this thread goes away.