Fox Mustang GT Fog Light Install - 5.0Resto

Discussion in 'Late Model Restoration' started by [email protected], Dec 18, 2012.

  1. If you own an 87-93 Mustang GT or Cobra, the chances are that you are currently experiencing a broken or faded fog light. After 20+ years, your fog lights have taken a beating from driving and weather. Replacing your fog lights is an easy task and with our reproduction fog light kit it won’t cost you much money. If factory style fog lights aren’t your thing, we also have covered with Ultra Clear, Smoked and Yellow style fog lights. Don’t forget to pick up a set of Ultra Clear or Smoked headlights to match those Fog Lights.

    Watch the video as Jmac shows you just how easy it is to install fog lights on your 87-93 Mustang.